@scarfwitch @balrogboogie sorry, I'm afraid I don't know. I tried googling around, but couldn't find it

@interneteh @scarfwitch @balrogboogie this feels like amanda lovelace's "the princess saves herself in this one" but its not in it

@catoutofbed @interneteh @scarfwitch pretty sure it's from McKayla Robbins' "we carry the sky" but I don' know for sure and there doesn't seem to be an ebook version of the collection

@interneteh I guess / when all else fails, / bullets / are a kind of no / the no that keeps on no-ing


An image that reads:

is a necessary magic.

draws a circle around you
with chalk
and says
i have given enough

- boundaries"

@interneteh @luminesce That reminded of the first prose in Anne Boyer’s A Handbook or Disappointed Fate titled “No” and this is the first paragraph.

@interneteh "No" is the most important word a child can learn. I suppose that's why it's one of the first most children learn.


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