it'd be cool if they could just, like, ban plastic bottles and return control of that water to the people who live in those places

@interneteh under the current arrangement, soda companies get control of valuable aquifers or other water sources and all they make is the plastic bottles to put it in. it's essentially a garbage factory that plunders a resource we all need.

@interneteh I was thinking yesterday I wish someone running for president (or something) would draw attention to this by proposing a plastic water bottle ban. because thinking about this problem raises wider issues. in the same way that thinking about imprisoning immigrants raises the question of imprisoning anyone

@interneteh furthermore, it raises the issue of water safety. some communities (including a town near where I live called Junction City, Oregon) have become dependent on bottled water for basic water needs because the water infrastructure is shit and can't deliver usable water to people


@interneteh people have been saying "Flint doesn't have clean water" for years now and in that time not only has their situation not improved, but the same thing has happened to communities (usually poor and rural but not always) all over

@interneteh good thread! also, banning bottled water would be unspeakably more powerful than the straw ban so many places are actually putting into practice.

@GayNiffler the straw thing is a good example of a fight that doesn't really ask any painful questions about capitalism. they can just sell new shit! pasta straws, paper straws, proprietary material straws, metal straws

@interneteh banning bottled water would do the same thing to a certain degree too though. there'd just be a lot more sparkling waters on the market than there currently are, but townships and states would still have to actually fix their water infrastructure since people still wouldn't be able to shower in la croix.

@GayNiffler it would, but I also want those water rights given back. that's key

@interneteh absolutely! i agree with that, especially for indigenous communities who are much more dependent on literal water resources as opposed to like... townships water infrastructure.

my last comment i was more imagining the consequences of implementing a bottled water ban executed similarly to how the straw ban is being done.

@GayNiffler if I really had my way, these companies would pay back money they made from taking over these resources and use that money to build good water infrastructure

@interneteh oh hell yeah. there's so much that corporations owe the public in reparations and i want that paid back in literal money reparations and also infrastructure repair (and honestly punishments against those responsible too) so badly.

@GayNiffler you profited off a disaster, now you help correct it. that's justice

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