I hate this fuckin Youtube ad that begins with "plastics. Our most dangerous addiction." Yeah I'm addicted to making plastics with all those polyethylene factories I own and control.

I have fuckin zero to do with the amount of plastic that's currently streaming into stores and the environment. If all I did was buy Solo cups and throw them in the ocean, I still wouldn't do as much damage as one capitalist deciding his restaurant chain will use styrofoam cups.

I forget the quote or who said it, but yeah, humans' failure to understand the exponential function is killing us. We have exponentially less to do with the destruction of the environment than the capitalist class.

and the reason why so many people blame themselves or feel guilty when they toss an empty jar of peanut butter in the trash rather than wash it and recycle it is because we've been taught for years that this shit is on us as individuals, despite the fact we have less to no say in how business treats the environment.

I'm not saying we have zero impact. I'm saying our impact as individuals verges on statistical insignificance. But yes, I still recycle and I don't litter and shit. You know I compost. I won't stop talking about it.

If any of us did own and control petrochemical or plastic fabrication facilities, or could vote on whether the companies we worked for used plastics or other unsustainable materials that pollute our homes, do you think we would? Particularly if we already had all our basic needs met. Who would decide to pollute their own environment?

@interneteh I agree. But I’m still a fucker who will use a plastic straw if provided because it’s there 😥

@cardassianvole yeah, I don't think we need to feel guilty about that.

@interneteh Yeah I was grumbling about this earlier. This town only recycles a tiny fraction of the stuff that has that damn symbol stamped on it. Also Kroeger pushes out how-tos which say that if you don't both clean AND expunge every bit of labeling/glue off the damn container it's still *contaminated* and not recyclable. We spend our valuable time desperately cleaning the bed after self-congratulatory corporations shit it and feeling bad b/c we can't do it better. :/

@xenophora As I understand it, they just melt the plastic down. What does it matter if it has some shit in it? Filter it out. Ugh.

@interneteh @xenophora
I imagine because the glue and shit melts with it. But honestly, recycling centers have to sort through it all to ensure it's actually recyclable in the first place, so it's generally also in their wheelhouse to decontaminate it too.

But it sounds like your neighborhood cut funding to the recycling centers so that they can't afford paying the workers for the time and supplies to do that anymore.

@interneteh @xenophora
In other words, it sounds like your municipality did the same thing corporations did in the 1950s & 1960s and instead of cleaning up their own mess like they had been legally required to do up until that point, chose to blame the people they serve and force them into essential slavery to clean up the packaging waste they created without pay.


See also: 1970s PSAs from goddamn McDonald's singing that the youth of America should "Pick up... Clean up... it's ALL UP TO YOU!" At eight years old it didn't even occur to me how crassly cynical that was.


For sure. I'm a small piece of plastic compared to megacorp impact.

I do limit my impact as much as possible, though I'm not going to sweat the things I buy out of necessity that are compromised with plastic. I'm surrounded by a toxic environment (city + 'products')

Going forward with organizing people to push to change the legislation ON corporate regulation is the longterm solution I see. And that is the challenge of my life.


The ONLY REASON I would ever even HAVE plastic is *because* of megacorps.

I can't make plastic in my backyard. Or any of that isht

@Food If I could compost plastic, I'd be all about it.


One of my rules of thumb: if when you burn/melt it, what toxins are released, is an indicator of if I would want it near me or not


Theres some bioplastics that we as humans are fully capable of utilizing

its just the money speaks louder to humans trapped in a false idol belief system (capitalism moneygod) addicted to their symbolic value, than humans or the beauty of life on earth


Also I'm not going to justify my guilt of participation in plastics by saying it's OK.

It's not OK. And it wasn't my choice.

And I'm more OK with acknowledging the dissonance of being in a plastic world when I can acknowledge and work for the world I'd choose to live in: a plastic free world


Market forces, if listened to, are not capable or competent at addressing our ever expanding set of multigenerational challenges.

We really have to , at the very least, reset the machine

"Have you tried turning it off and on yet?"

Also would be helpful to have a diagnostics approach from a human level

*Awful capitalism defender voice* 

Proof that Capitalism doesn't work 

*Smart and Rational on the Internet voice* 

@interneteh Businesses are the ones responsible. They use enviromentally unfriendly products, "training" us to throwbit away, and then blaming us for hurting the enviroment. Something must be done about this

@megriffin beyond the individual businesses, it's the system that incentivizes them to lower costs and maximize profits even at the cost of the environment. It's capitalism.

@megriffin just sowing the seeds in case we weren't on the same page!

@interneteh Very sorry, I don't know the meaning of 'sowing the seeds' expression

@megriffin Oh I'm sorry. I meant I was tossing some anticapitalist thought your way because I wasn't sure if you were also anticapitalist. Like planting a seed that could one day grow.

@interneteh by the way, Socialism is banned in where I come from😂

@megriffin i would not have guessed Indonesia. Well, socialism is effectively banned where I live too because every time we have a serious socialist movement, we have a Red Scare and people get beaten and tossed in jail.

@megriffin US. The belly of the global capitalist beast.

@interneteh A (probably staged) coup done by the communist party (undercover CIA agents, maybe) in 1965 caused the ban for any socialist-communist ideas. Though it is ok to study them

@megriffin Wow. I need to learn more about this. Thank you for teaching me.

@interneteh One of the funniest thing that happenes back then is the Presiden of Indonesia at the time was allegedly involved in the coup. How can the presiden overthrow the government? He is the government!

@interneteh @megriffin also led to a whole bunch of anti-communist genocide with enthusiastic US support.

@megriffin @interneteh our only excuse is ignorance, and the longer we choose not to learn about it the more guilt we bear when it happens again (as our government is currently trying to trigger in Venezuela, only stopped by their own ineptitude)

@megriffin @robotcarsley oh yeah, I know. I'm using "us" in kind of an ironic way. our government is not our people. no country works that way.

@robotcarsley @interneteh Yep. And chinese too. One of the bloodiest massacre in Indonesia

@megriffin @robotcarsley the Kymer Rouge, Indonesian coups, black sites in Thailand, Vietnam, East Timor... what friends we have been to this part of the world.

@interneteh @robotcarsley great thing abkut developing countries that it is easy to move people, if you have the money

@interneteh @robotcarsley panasbung ==> pasukan nasi bungkus ==> free food / wrapped food soldiers

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