the guy who coined the term "meritocracy" was writing a satire about how meritocracies are nonsense and never happen in real life

we all gotta be equal, y'all. that's the only way it works

@interneteh That's amusing. I never knew that. In most of the companies I worked in the CEO gave at least one talk (sometimes multiple) which began with something like "This company is a meritocracy!".

@interneteh the number of words coined in order to satire something and then were adopted in earnest by oppressors is astonishing.

@interneteh my personal fav is that american exceptionalism was a joke term made up by russians until right wing americans decided that actually yes america exceptional

@GayNiffler in the miniseries Chernobyl, the head of the KGB says "it is like that old Russian saying: 'trust but verify.' In America, they believe Ronald Reagan made that up. can you believe such a thing?"

@interneteh Yeah and he got his son into Oxford University using his personal influence. That very son grew up to be a prominent tory hack

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