I'm not usually one to yell at young people's clouds, but promposals creep me out

A podcast I listen to did one for a fan. I was like "aw that's kinda sweet. He's asking someone to marry him." But in the end, it was prom. The language was identical to a marriage proposal.

@kelbesque It seems kinda... conservative? of me to be bothered by it. But I dunno. It's just putting WAY too much onto a young relationship. The word "performative" gets misapplied a lot, but this is performative.

@interneteh no, to me the big difference is that when you lead up to something transient with a big "I want to spend the rest of my life with you" lead up that's creep

@kelbesque yeah.... it's public pressuring of girls by boys. (usually) it's gross

@kelbesque I'm also kinda bothered by big public marriage proposals to be honest. it ought to be a private talk maybe? that would be less coercive to me?

@interneteh true enough but you never know what happened behind the public proposal; at least I know a lot of them where there was agreement aforethought that they wanted to get engaged and wanted a big public proposal stunt.

With a promposal I don't think there's any mitigating that spectacle.

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