if you reply to my posts about taking care of human need with horseshit about overpopulation youre catching that block

i dont know about you but white people talking about how there are too many humans gives me the heebie jeebies


"we cant possibly produce enough food for everyone!" mate have you *seen* how much perfectly good food we throw out because "guh this went out of date yesterday"

@norikawa @dankwraith we already produce enough food for 10 billion of the 7 billion people actually alive, meaning globally we're throwing away about 30% of our food while 30+ million people die per year due to capitalist inefficiency.

The capitalist system stares at starvation and says that it is better those people die than any alternative.

@norikawa @dankwraith I think I failed to emphasize properly: we produce enough food for 10 billion when we only have the demand for 7 billion, so we are very likely able to ramp that production up to much, much higher if we actually neded to.


@_ampersand @norikawa @dankwraith the problem that I see is we grow food to sell, not to feed. if the goal was full bellies instead of rich CEOs, things would be a lot different

@interneteh @norikawa @dankwraith we'd likely grow less food if the food system was built around need and use value. Grow more healthy food (e.g. reduce the corn/wheat slightly for more vegetables), or some of that land for other purposes (e.g. parks, or carbon sequestering forests, or just wilderness). We are just so fucking bad at distribution.

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