this house is politically incorrect
We say

God damn America
workers of the world unite
all cops are bastards
be gay do crimes
socialism or barbarism
eat the rich
Nazi lives don't matter

if this offends you
:antifa: :_gayheart2: :comrade: :mrmarx: :trans_heart: :anarchism:

@interneteh yes, hammer and sickle offends me as someone whose family was tormented by soviets and nazis during WW2. seriously flaunting this symbol is not okay and ya people should finally understand it

@interneteh How is that politically incorrect, though? It's obviously right :P

@interneteh this is it, this is the post fb loses it's shit over like twice a month

@interneteh eh, i think this post making the rounds on leftbook has its benefits, i get anxious any time masto is 'put in the radar' because i'm a filthy fucking hipster and don't want this place getting -too- popular.

@Wewereseeds yeah I was gonna say I kinda wanted it to be like, what an actually politically incorrect sign would be

@interneteh i was thinking of making this into an even more extreme version of 'in our america' yard sign

@Wewereseeds I love thinking about the double-takes a sign like that would generate

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