ive been wondering why is so widely known and talked about in the community, but virtually unknown in autism research

And I think the answer might actually be simple: It doesn't affect them.

Inertia often means that you can't do a thing without something external giving you the final push. Sometimes when Im stuck, someone simply telling me to "get up" can help

Earlier I wanted to go to my room, but I couldn't leave the couch. I was trying, but I couldnt, like I was waiting for something without knowing what for.
My mom was watching TV, and at some point, there was a countdown. I somehow decided that, at 0, I would get up. And it worked! I had told my brain I wanted to get up, it was asking "when?" and I needed this external thing to give the answer.

But autism research isn't about helping *us*. Its about making us convenient and less of a "burden".
Autistic inertia only disables *us*, bc other ppl can get us out of it. So it doesn't affect them.

@ijyx It's not talked about enough, because it's all new to me, what you're saying. I need to think more before I can respond more, but it's helpful and insightful.

@ijyx It's almost impossible to me to leave my house without extern motivation (an apointement with someone will do it). I remember some former therapists (the kind who didn't notice my autism) grew more and more frustrated because they wanted me to go on walks by myself in between sessions.

I always blamed this on anxiety, but now I'm wondering how much inertia has to do with it.

@ijyx With tasks inside the house it's less severe, but similar. My brain constantly asks me: why do the thing now, and not 5 minutes from now? I may have peed my pants for this reason. For household tasks I developped my own system with a die. Most throws mean: read something, but every now and then a throw means: get up and do x. It doesn't make me always do it, but I'd say 50% more often than without the die.

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