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i need to be able to filter for the posts about my daycare kids, so im gonna be tagging them

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It seems like I might actually manage to be more active on Mastodon so why not make an post

When I have to use a name, I prefer Ijon. I'm GenZ and just finished High School (Spring 2019). Currently I work in childcare with children aged 2-6 and next year I want to go to school to become a preschool/kindergarten educator. Then I wanna study psychology (I'm gonna do both. Somehow.)

My views on politics are anywhere in the LibSoc corner of the Political Compass. I'm still exploring so feel free to send me any easy-to-read/listen to leftist stuff

I'm neurodivergent, probably autistic+ADD (Attention Deficit Hyp*o*activity Disorder /s).

I'm also a white christian european and if I ever say some ignorant bullshit, pls call me out on it

the bad news is i still feel dizzy, i couldn't move much all day

the good news is that - after looking for things to do without moving - i finally finished reading Good Omens

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why am i so dizzy

i woke up over two hours ago and since then (or actually, since the tine i woke up before that) the world hasnt stopped spinning

Where do I watch the tv series? With subtitles? Without lewd ads?

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Mastodon needs a feature where you don't see posts on your home tab if someone's boosting it but you've already interacted with it. (as in, boosting, favoriting or commenting, but not if it's a comment to such a post)

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#tesla doesn't even have a building permit for their factory close to #Berlin

That factory is the reason they destroy now 100ha forst...even while not knowing if they ever gonna use that space.

It's an risky investment, on the cost of nature and everyone that is threatend by the #climatecrisis.

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SBC, offering new discussion platform 

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two of my daycare kids (age 2 and 5) are moving away :(

today was the last day i saw them

a 3-year old doctor told me i had a temperature of seven thermometers

2 y/o: "steals" my nose

Me: oh no, my nose is gone

(2 yo is laughing)

2yo: steals my hand

Me, hiding my hand in my sleeve: "help! my hand is gone!!"

(2yo still laughing)

2yo: steals my foot

Me, sitting down on my foot: "help! where's my foot??"

... 2yo suddenly stops laughing, getting very defensive: "it wasn't me!!!"

i need to be able to filter for the posts about my daycare kids, so im gonna be tagging them

sometimes i accidentally talk to people in shitpost


*learns my home's co-ordinates so that i have an answer whenever somebody asks me where i've put stuff*

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gonna take an internet-free day tomorrow, so 24h period of inactivity coming up (not that *that's* anything new)



got to a point where I can actually read more than two lines without spacing out

The writing is getting better

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so what should i do now (as if im gonna listen to you)

Choice 2 would also entail lunch, which i usually would've had at work 2 hours ago

-> first day back at work after 3 days of being sick

-> fridays on early shift are always the best days, so great day to be back

-> leave after 4.5 hours bc i'm feeling sick again

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