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It's been a while so I thought I'd do some editing on my intro.

When I have to use a name, I prefer Ijon or Izzy. Any gender neutral pronouns are fine. I'm GenZ but over 18, and currently studying social pedagogy. After that i might study "special education" (gosh i hate that wording) and possibly psychology

I'm a libertarian socialist and antifascist

I'm neurodivergent/ autistic/ an "immersive daydreamer" (also hate that wording)

I live in Germany and speak English, German, and *some* Italian. Also currently learning some basic arabic.

I'm also a white (probably) dyadic christian european and if I ever say some ignorant bullshit, pls call me out on it

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List of Characters - People I post about sometimes 


FV - my brother. 11 y/o at the time of making this post. neurodivergent. technically my nephew/ foster brother but that's not important in most contexts

Lele - my niece. 13 y/o

Bee - my niece. 8 y/o

Dani - my sister. Lele's and Bee's mother

Mik - my older brother. FV's dad

Mom/Mama - my mother. i'm sure this one's a huge surprise

Oma - my grandmother, my mother's mother

Opa - my grandfather, my mother's father


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pronoun check 

Pronoun Check! Here's what I prefer you use for me:

❎ No
✅ Yes
👥 If I know you (we've interacted before or I follow you)
👌 Generally OK, preferred in combination with its masc/fem counterpart

It/its - ❎
She/her - ❎
He/him - ❎
They/them - ✅
Neo-pronouns - ✅
Sir - ❎
Ma'am - ❎
Pal, buddy, friend, comrade, etc - ✅
Dude - ✅
Bro/bruh - ❎
Sis - ❎
Sib - 👥
Boy, Girl - Not when referring to gender, otherwise OK
Gurl - ❎
Guy - ✅
King - 👌
Queen - 👌
Prince - ✅
Princess - ❎
Lady - ❎
Feminine compliments (pretty, beautiful, etc) - 👌
Masculine comments (handsome, etc) - 👌
Honey, Sweety, etc - 👥

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So it looks like SBC will stay up for now but to be sure I boosted half my posts to

(would that even save the posts if SBC got taken down?)

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i need to be able to filter for the posts about my daycare kids, so im gonna be tagging them

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Does anyone have lowbudget or lowspoon moving tips? #actuallyautistic #mecfs

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Fortunately, no one here uses TikTok, doesn't it... Ahem.

TikTok, one of the most downloaded apps of 2021 so far, decided to quietly update its privacy policy to collect biometric identifiers and biometric information know in the US as faceprints and voiceprints. The trendy app, owned by the Chinese internet technology company ByteDance, added a new section to its privacy policy called ‘Image and Audio Information.’

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The Norwegian consumer council has published a new report where they suggest a ban on the surveillance based revenue model dominating the web today.

#surveillance-capitalism #advertising #human-rights
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what's a good place to get pride pins & stickers? ideally a balance between cheap and made by small&queer creator

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Is there a word for autism-radar? Like gaydar but for recognizing other #ActuallyAutistic folks? Because I think there should be a word for it, and I wanna know yours.

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Question for UK people: Any info on how folks without financial privilege might escape the traditional education system?

Would appreciate pointers on how to find student-led/non-coercive/democratic schools *without expensive tuition fees*, or how homeschooling/unschooling can be safely conducted in the country (in a way that won't invite punishment by the authorities).

boosts appreciated!

This might be interesting to other people who are learning (or want to learn) a foreign language

I found the site which is basically just... a website where people can submit sentences and translate them into different languages

It's rly useful to test your language skills, or to study/ internalize/ explore sentence structure

It's also just fun to browse

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it just occurred to me that brits might be reading my post in english accents. what the fuck. stop that

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Hahaha so I keep having this exact same interaction:

We're having a baby!

Which gender are you hoping for?

Oh either one. They're my kid either way.

Ok but don't you want to know whether to get pink or blue clothes before they're born?

You think my kid will have such lame style as to only wear one color??? Lmao

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Why do we accept this system? Why do so many people take it as a given that they can't do what they want with their lives and that's okay?
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Can somebody recommend me a good source of news in Swedish? Be it text or podcast or whatever. I've kind of given up on finding something not TERF:y or just full of internal jokes et.c. I'd love it to be from an anarchist perspective or something along those lines.

#Sweden #Swedish #AskFedi

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I hear it's Very Hot (TM) in some parts right now! Allow someone who's been living in South Africa for over a decade to share some tips for dealing.

* Wet a teatowel and drape it over your neck
* Spray yourself with a water mist, better if you have a fan pointed at you
* Have a fan pointed at you
* Feet in a bowl of cold water
* Periodic short cold showers, focus on cooling your hot points - armpits, groin, head
* Take a long cold bath

link, christianity and gender, joke 

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If any cool people wanna move away from let me know and I can hook you up

brands, new stuff 

got a switch lite with ACNH and 3 months switch online for my bday last week, anyone wanna play some time?

Update: Thanks for the boosts, but I got it!

If anyone else ever has this same problem, just make sure the games are updated lol

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Does anyone have experience with for and can help me out?

- All my games and saves got deleted
- I re-installed checkpoint and all games
- I'm now trying to restore my ACNL save data
- Checkpoint isn't showing my old saves. They're in the right folder, the same one that the old ones show up in
- If i try to copy the files from one of the old saves into one of the old saves, restoring it just gives me an empty game without any save data


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Will draw for food. SFW or NSFW.

DM me.

Discord: AranFielder#6029.

May be delays in response due to increase in autistic shutdowns. #art #draw #commissionsopen #fanart #help #DBH #autistic #ActuallyAutistic #ptsd #mutualaid

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Israeli parlimentary politics 

Wow, I'm super confused at what is going on rn. It's quite a different political system to UK.

It's great that Bibi is probs being
booted but it kinda sucks that the person coming is another right wing piece of shit.

Does anyone know of any good Anarchist or anti authoritarian news sources in the region? Trying to get my head around what is going on rn.

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