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It's been a while so I thought I'd do some editing on my intro.

When I have to use a name, I prefer Ijon or Izzy. Any gender neutral pronouns are fine. I'm GenZ but over 18, and currently studying social pedagogy. After that i might study "special education" (gosh i hate that wording) and possibly psychology

I'm a libertarian socialist and antifascist

I'm neurodivergent/ autistic/ an "immersive daydreamer" (also hate that wording)

I live in Germany and speak English, German, and *some* Italian. Also currently learning some basic arabic.

I'm also a white (probably) dyadic christian european and if I ever say some ignorant bullshit, pls call me out on it

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List of Characters - People I post about sometimes 


FV - my brother. 11 y/o at the time of making this post. neurodivergent. technically my nephew/ foster brother but that's not important in most contexts

Lele - my niece. 13 y/o

Bee - my niece. 8 y/o

Dani - my sister. Lele's and Bee's mother

Mik - my older brother. FV's dad

Mom/Mama - my mother. i'm sure this one's a huge surprise

Oma - my grandmother, my mother's mother

Opa - my grandfather, my mother's father


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pronoun check 

Pronoun Check! Here's what I prefer you use for me:

❎ No
✅ Yes
👥 If I know you (we've interacted before or I follow you)
👌 Generally OK, preferred in combination with its masc/fem counterpart

It/its - ❎
She/her - ❎
He/him - ❎
They/them - ✅
Neo-pronouns - ✅
Sir - ❎
Ma'am - ❎
Pal, buddy, friend, comrade, etc - ✅
Dude - ✅
Bro/bruh - ❎
Sis - ❎
Sib - 👥
Boy, Girl - Not when referring to gender, otherwise OK
Gurl - ❎
Guy - ✅
King - 👌
Queen - 👌
Prince - ✅
Princess - ❎
Lady - ❎
Feminine compliments (pretty, beautiful, etc) - 👌
Masculine comments (handsome, etc) - 👌
Honey, Sweety, etc - 👥

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So it looks like SBC will stay up for now but to be sure I boosted half my posts to @ijyx

(would that even save the posts if SBC got taken down?)

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i need to be able to filter for the posts about my daycare kids, so im gonna be tagging them

i might wanna do an entire autism survey instead of just posting single polls...

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I just heard about the autonomous zone #OrishaLand in Austin, TX, USA - and I think it's awesome. I'm a big fan of the "Autonomous Zone"-Idea and I love that the Black activists chose this format. They will need lots of support though, I know from experience these projects take a lot of energy to maintain, and cops + fascists do not sleep.

thank you @noyovo for spreading the word!

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Oh hi!

I wrote a dark but sweet fantasy novel of libraries and necromancy.

It would be amazing if you shared this post around.

📚 💀 🖤

Buy links and sample chapters:

racism. potential s1e3 "tribes of europa" spoilers, but not really 

Seriously though, i thought we were through with the whole idea of "peaceful states" vs "total anarchy (what a bad word) with tribes that keep fighting each other because tribes are bad, right?"

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I'm on episode 3 of "Tribes of Europa"

No idea what to think of the show, but if ends in any other way than Liv and Grieta falling in love, I'm gonna be very confused

autism polls incoming 

people: Do you meet this criteria for autism (Note: this is not an actual set of diagnostic criteria)

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autism polls incoming, DSM 

people: Out of the "restrictive, repetitive behaviors" classified in the DSM criteria for ASD, _how many_ do you have? (One letter, ABC or D, counts as one trait, even if multiple things after that letter apply to you)

A. Stimming in ways that involve moving your body (e.g. rocking, hand-flapping) or lining up objects
B. Need for sameness, routines or rituals
C. Special interests or comfort items
D. Hyper- or hyporeactivity to sensory input or stimming in ways that don't necessarily involve moving your body (e.g. feeling certain textures, smelling things)

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Hey! is a tiny but growing support community for neurodivergent people of all stripes (#ADHD, #autism [#actuallyAutistic], and similar), self-dx or professional, if you think you'd fit in let's talk about it - it is meant to be a supportive, inviting place to discuss issues and get support specifically related to neurodivergence, or just, anything connected to our lives, health, interests. It centers people of color and our moderation team is composed entirely of BIPOC people.


what if im faking my autism

autism polls incoming, language 


Which of these makes you _uncomfortable_, when used to refer to the community as a whole?

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Using an app blocker to only allow 6 launches a day for certain time-stealing apps

What I expected: I don't open the app whenever I'm bored so now I have more time

What actually happened: I avoid closing the app because then I'll be out of one more launch for the day

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my gender??? oh it's pretending that I don't know what heterosexuality is and acting confused when someone brings it up.

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I think a lot of people need to realize its okay not to fit a label exactly

everyone is full of so many little differences that no two people are going to fit into the same boxes the same way

labels and sub-labels are just shorthand ways to tell each other about ourselves

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AUFRUF: Wer hat was gesehen?
Wann: 25.02.2021 (Donnerstag) zwischen 14:00 Uhr und 16:00 Uhr
Was: Polizeigewalt
Wo: Löwenbrücke in Würzburg.
Falls wer zur Tatzeit vor Ort war und etwas gesehen hat, bitte bei dem Betroffenen @ semosh.58 ( melden. Alle Aussagen sind wertvoll! Falls Menschen Videos oder Fotos gemacht haben, schickt ihm diese! 1/2

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autism polls incoming, language 


Which of these makes you _uncomfortable_, when used to refer to you specifically?

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autism polls incoming 


Which of these body stims do you do?

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my mom bought MyRummy today

never played it before, it was fun


it just came to my mind that there are probably autistic people who have Sia as a special interest

I am so so sorry if that applies to you

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#Nonbinary people of Celtic descent (Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, and Brittany), how do you feel about non-Celtic people using the neopronoun set fae/faer?

Replies with reasons are very welcome and helpful!

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