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kind of a re-intro 

I like/ enjoy/ am interested in

-💬 learning
-🎮 BoTW, Sims 4, ACNL/ACNH
-🔢 typology/ MBTI/ enneagram
-📚 reading/ fantasy/ YA
-🎶 Music (currently listening to all of 's songs on a loop)
-👶 and developmental psychology
-📔 (minimalist) bullet journaling
-🎧 Podcasts: The Newest Olympian, Potterless, 5 Minuten Harry Podcast, Behind The Bastards, The Women's War
-📺 Al Rawabi School for Girls, The Queen's Gambit, Encanto, Luna Nera, Full House, Doctor Who, Good Omens

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pronoun check 

Pronoun Check! Here's what I prefer you use for me:

❎ No
✅ Yes
👥 If I know you (we've interacted before or I follow you)
👌 Generally OK, preferred in combination with its masc/fem counterpart

It/its - ❎
She/her - ❎
He/him - ❎
They/them - ✅
Neo-pronouns - ✅
Sir - ❎
Ma'am - ❎
Pal, buddy, friend, comrade, etc - ✅
Dude - ✅
Bro/bruh - ❎
Sis - ❎
Sib - 👥
Boy, Girl - Not when referring to gender, otherwise OK
Gurl - ❎
Guy - ✅
King - 👌
Queen - 👌
Prince - ✅
Princess - ❎
Lady - ❎
Feminine compliments (pretty, beautiful, etc) - 👌
Masculine comments (handsome, etc) - 👌
Honey, Sweety, etc - 👥

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So it looks like SBC will stay up for now but to be sure I boosted half my posts to

(would that even save the posts if SBC got taken down?)

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i need to be able to filter for the posts about my daycare kids, so im gonna be tagging them

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cool introductory article about (and by) Gypsy, Roma & Traveller people in the UK and Ireland, and their history and cultures:

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It was always a whispered question:
"Do you remember who made you?"
Most gods would say "What? I am Eternal!" or repeat the story humans told of their origins.
But some would smile wistfully.
"I do. The first human who believed in me was..."
Those stories broke and mended hearts.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Any fedi peeps live in and want to hang out tmoz daytime?


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Borders are a minor inconvenience for rich people, but hostile, near-impassable walls for poor people trapping them in their country of origin.

abolish borders

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oh and for anyone looking for a privacy-friendly period tracker: I use log28, it doesn't require internet access and contains no trackers according to Aurora Store

The downside is that it hasn't been updated in a year, and you can't set a PIN for it. But maybe this helps someone anyway

Abortion Resources (USA)^^^

this is copy/pasted from a list i got on discord. I haven't checked any of these myself

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Where to get pills online
Plan C Pills

Find a Brick & Mortar Clinic (do not rely on google)
I Need An A

Abortion Finder

National Abortion Federation

Cybersecurity info
Digital Defense Fund

Medical Questions During at Home Abortions/Miscarriages
miscarriage and abortion hotline

Legal Questions
Repro Legal Helpline

Find an Abortion Doula
DOPO co-op

Judgement-free All Options Counselling
All Options

Emotional Support During Medcation Abortions

Emotional Support After An Abortion
Exhale ProVoice

Connect & Breathe

Help with Practical Support (childcare, transportation, etc.,)
Apiary Collective

National Network of Abortion Funds

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Set up a super simple water station in front of my house. It's supposed to be real hot here this weekend so hopefully this'll help out some people and pups

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made a post on a local queer internet forum attempting to incite a riot over roe v Wade and now undercover cops posing as drug dealers are messaging me

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like, no matter how much i say this i feel like i'm talking to a brick wall

the democrats *won* today

their only serious opponent, their voter base, just had a significant blow to their morale, and unless something is significantly different this time then the only way this can manifest politically is people either showing up to vote for them or people retreating from political life altogether

their mission isn't to wrest control of the state from the republicans, it's to defend it from *you*. it's only you who's losing, not the democrats, and the only political mistake being made is your continued fixation on them

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On a positive note, Germany just got rid of the law making it illegal to ""advertise"" (inform about) abortions

So thats cool

Hope this reaches the people who need it

The Four Thieves Vinegar Collective made a video on DIY abortion pills:

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For those trying to leave the US, I have legally lived in several countries and have a fairly firm understanding of the intricacies of their respective immigration laws. My DMs are always open.

Got the living room for myself so I don't need to use headphones

Do I

book rec, this poison heart minor spoiler 

Honestly, in terms of representation it's the opposite of the usual cis white straight guy saves the world trope

Got a group of black lesbians, very few important men, probably no straight people and also no white people mentioned by name (so far & as far as i remember)

also why are all the relationships so healthy?


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book rec 

btw, if y'all like / / and haven't read This Poison Heart by Kalynn Bayron yet-

you should.

(the second/final book is out now so you can read them back to back)
(bit spoilery comment on representation in reply)

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