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List of Characters - People I post about sometimes 


FV - my brother. 11 y/o at the time of making this post. neurodivergent. technically my nephew/ foster brother but that's not important in most contexts

Lele - my niece. 13 y/o

Bee - my niece. 8 y/o

Dani - my sister. Lele's and Bee's mother

Mik - my older brother. FV's dad

Mom/Mama - my mother. i'm sure this one's a huge surprise

Oma - my grandmother, my mother's mother

Opa - my grandfather, my mother's father


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pronoun check 

Pronoun Check! Here's what I prefer you use for me:

โŽ No
โœ… Yes
๐Ÿ‘ฅ If I know you (we've interacted before or I follow you)
๐Ÿ‘Œ Generally OK, preferred in combination with its masc/fem counterpart

It/its - โŽ
She/her - โŽ
He/him - โŽ
They/them - โœ…
Neo-pronouns - โœ…
Sir - โŽ
Ma'am - โŽ
Pal, buddy, friend, comrade, etc - โœ…
Dude - โœ…
Bro/bruh - โŽ
Sis - โŽ
Sib - ๐Ÿ‘ฅ
Boy, Girl - Not when referring to gender, otherwise OK
Gurl - โŽ
Guy - โœ…
King - ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Queen - ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Prince - โœ…
Princess - โŽ
Lady - โŽ
Feminine compliments (pretty, beautiful, etc) - ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Masculine comments (handsome, etc) - ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Honey, Sweety, etc - ๐Ÿ‘ฅ

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So it looks like SBC will stay up for now but to be sure I boosted half my posts to @ijyx

(would that even save the posts if SBC got taken down?)

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i need to be able to filter for the posts about my daycare kids, so im gonna be tagging them

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It seems like I might actually manage to be more active on Mastodon so why not make an post

When I have to use a name, I prefer Ijon. I'm GenZ and just finished High School (Spring 2019). Currently I work in childcare with children aged 2-6 and next year I want to go to school to become a preschool/kindergarten educator. Then I wanna study psychology (I'm gonna do both. Somehow.)

My views on politics are anywhere in the LibSoc corner of the Political Compass. I'm still exploring so feel free to send me any easy-to-read/listen to leftist stuff

I'm neurodivergent, probably autistic+ADD (Attention Deficit Hyp*o*activity Disorder /s).

I'm also a white christian european and if I ever say some ignorant bullshit, pls call me out on it

if you use youtube, twitter, or instagram, but only for viewing and not posting:

you can use (and other instances) for twitter (and other instances) for youtube (and other instances) for instagram (doesn't work for private profiles)

I totally did go back to the daycare after school

First day back at school for my brother

His school didn't have any soap

One would think that public schools could get their shit together during a pandemic

on the bright side

now that im a student again, i can get a library card for free, for now at least

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it's my life to choose
not bigots or misogynists
not even alt left liberalists
it's their fight to lose
i'm a modern anarchist
a punk rock existentialist
who wants to make the whole world feminist

it's my right to choose
not racists or nationalists
not this fascist president
it's their fight to lose
i'm a masochistic activist
a modern abolitionist
who wants to make the whole world humanist

it's my life to choose
not zealots or supremacists
not the alt-right separatists
it's their fight to lose
i'm a modern nihilist
a radicool idealist

it's my right to choose
not the religious lunatics
or fundamental extremists
it's their fight to lose
i'm a modern anarchist
a punk rock existentialist
who wants to make the whole world coexist

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Looking for a masto thread, boost OK 

Who has that thread were someone was explaining how to call out family member?

It was about taking the topic out of the situation.
Then talking about how I would feel, instead of the topic.
Like it could be about the shared value, and how that family member was making me feel unsafe and 'unaligned' with previously shared values.

(I am using 'I', but it wasnt my thread)

Boost OK :boost_ok:

Me: I don't have favorite kids

Me on my last day: I'll adopt YOU and YOU. You're mine now.

(i miss them

also i forgot a stuffed animal at the daycare


i'll be back babiiieees)

(no really, i forgot)

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The colors of the rulling party doesn't make any difference. #ACAB 100%. #FTP


I shot this today at #Syndikat anti-eviction protest in #Neukรถlln. Despicable police violence against peaceful demonstrators. State muscle enforcing the interests of UK investment firm against the local community #DefundThePolice #SyndikatBleibt #BerlinDemo #Polizei


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Just a friendly reminder that doing formatting using unicode characters like ๐‘ฒ sucks total ass for screenreaders

[description: a video of a screenreader reading a tweet with lots of unicode "formatting"]

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(Also, claiming Indians, Nigerians, Jamaicans, etc., speak "broken English", despite the fact that they're native speakers, is racist as fuck)

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fedi meta re: husky 

Stop blocking Husky users on sight, as in, blocking them just because they admit they're using it.

There's plenty of decent people using it for features other than unblocked Gab.

Just because the app has this questionable feature, doesn't mean that people using that app for other features are bad.

To use a really cheesy example, just because a few people use kitchen knives to hurt people, doesn't mean I'm evil for using a kitchen knife to cut vegetables. But that logic is, strangely, applied to Husky.

Just let people use the fedi client they're the most comfortable with, and stop judging them harshly for using a client you don't like.

quote by a 3-year old, mentions cops, but in a cute way 

3yo: I'm the police! You have to come with me. To jail!

Me: But I don't want to!

3yo: But you have to!!

Me: No.

3yo, rapidly changing her voice from "strict and angry" to "shy and cute": will you go to jail with me please?

I only update my "currently reading" status on my profile like every five books

Anarchist social media idea: Changes (anything from emojis over community rules to post length) can be made by anyone, after a waiting period during which the suggestion is made public with a veto option

Does anyone know what "BLKN" means? I usually see it together with ACAB/1312 graffitis, but i cant find anything on it

islamophobia; teared down nazi poster 

Image cap translation: Teared down poster by a German far-right party. It used to say "No islam in Europe" but the party name and the "no" have been cut off, so it now just says "Islam in Europe!"

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