how to torrent cliff notes 


1. you should preferably use either a vpn or a private tracker to not get sued. mullvad is a good one. if you're not technical, they have an app you can just install. private trackers are better but you have to know someone who can invite you.

2. deluge is a good cross platform client. if you're on mac, transmission is nice too.

3. you need to find a site to download the torrent files from. the best way to find this out is through word of mouth. ask your friends what they use. is ok for movies and tv shows. for anime

4. probably just stick to videos unless you're technical. you can torrent games too but it's much easier to get a virus that way

i might expand this into a webpage later if i have the energy so if you have questions about it that would help me add details where they're missing


how to torrent cliff notes 

@nova Thank you!! I currently use windscribe vpn, which i think is safe? And can I ask what a private tracker is? I probably won't have access to one if it's something i need to be invited to, but i'm still curious

Would common antivirus programs be able to find viruses in game torrents?

And are there any good clients for mobile (android)?

how to torrent cliff notes 

@ijyx i haven’t used windscribe before but it seems okay.

a private tracker is a torrent site where you log in with an account associated with your ip address. usually they give access to more/better quality torrents than public sites. they also provide a little protection from monitoring but i still use a vpn with them.

in general, the older a torrent is the more likely it is that antivirus will be able to detect any viruses embedded in it. you should also avoid software torrents that have few downloads / comments. generally if there is a problem with the torrent people will be talking about it in the comments.

unfortunately i have never torrented on mobile so i don’t really know anything about it. i would check on f-droid since apps there are vetted a bit more than the play store.

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