This place sometimes feels like a bizzarro version of Reddit in a way: on Reddit everyone assumes you're American. Here, people seem to assume you live in Germany 😅

@hazelnot I don't assume anyone live anywhere here, except if I see them speaking an other languages than English.

On twitter tho I was assuming brits You should try Misskey, everyone will assume you're Japanese on here.

@SuperDicq Misskey is still fedi, so I guess I was talking about my fedibubble, not Mastodon specifically lol

@SuperDicq @hazelnot You should try federated Gitea experimental builds, everyone will think you are either insane or mentally segfaulting. I'm actually kind of interested in the project. I want to switch to it when it is no longer experimental. But maybe I'm mentally insane.

@SuperDicq @hazelnot Great!

Currently the code often does weird stuff to my Gitea instance such as causing 500s everywhere or segfaulting all the time, but once it's merged into Gitea main it'll be a lot more stable.

@hazelnot I thought everyone lived in this dusky blue rectangle. Am I the only one here? Has it just been me this whole time?!

You are now leaving the American sector.
Welcome to the fediverse 😁

@hazelnot oh. And everyone is trans, can program, wants to end capitalism and many other goodies 😁😁😁

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