@h sorry to see you go -- but then again, here you are!

thanks for all your effort and energy to try to make more accountable and the best version of itself it could be. meta 

@edsu Hey there. Thank you Ed, it means a lot that you have reached out.
So here we are, not too far... 💪 meta 

@h Speculations.

Brain change is slow. It takes years. It benefits from strategy, not necessarily tactics.

We can even wish ourselves to see the world differently, but worldview is not a conscious choice. The worldview is a physical entity in the brain.

Democracy allows governance to evolve in step with majority worldviews. If governance must evolve more rapidly, don't make it dependent on worldviews. meta 


This is not the right place to discuss that and I'm too disappointed to give you an answer to your points today.

I'll just say that all that sounds right, but it's all absolutely wrong. meta 

@h Sorry, disregard it. Sometimes I can be insensitive. meta 

@h Have you had a more positive experience of governance issues at or are you keeping a lower profile this time?

I have been a distracted bystander with the stuff, so feel a bit silly considering moving having not had time or energy to pitch in here, but have had a dormant handle for a while… meta 

@jonesbp I'm not sure yet. The signs that @cocoron is giving are all good. I should probably take a little rest from cooperative organising before I join sunbeam deliberations. What I can say is that the room for discussion here seems broad, and the potential for innovation in a range of subjects seems to be encouraged rather than punished. A bit like was in the beginning.

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