Second batch. I left it too long after the second proving again because by the time it had actually risen last night I wanted to go to bed. So it collapsed again, but I remoulded it and baked it anyway.

The recipe says 35-40 minutes. The previous loaf took about 25 minutes but my mum and dad thought it was underdone. So I tried putting this one in for 30 minutes. Unfortunately, it's burnt! The picture doesn't convey how burnt it is.

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I left it too long on the second proving (overnight instead of a few hours) and it went flat.

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Pic of toy and hand in a high-viz glove 

They can't be too small if they're bigger than a bear!

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Plant picture 

Bilbergia windii flowering like billy-o!

CO2, climate change 

I was trying to get my Trash folder up to 1979 (the year I was born) but overshot!

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Picture of feet in socks 

I thought these socks were autumnal when I bought them, but now I think they might be mulled-wine-themed? I thought the leafy bits were autumn leaves, but maybe they're cloves? Opinions, please! You can't do polls and pictures in the same toot, so I'll reply to this with a poll.

Does anybody want a book called Getting Started in Permaculture by Ross and Jenny Mars? I'm happy to post it to anyone in the UK.

Plant photo 

Bilbergia windii comes into its own in the winter.

Spider plants: picture update 

And these are the other two where I just shoved the "spiderettes" in and hoped for the best. Six weeks on.

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Spider plants: picture update 

This is the one I planted out first

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Picture of spider plants 

A couple of stragglers that I planted out today. They look a lot less healthy, but we'll see.

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Picture of spider plants 

My spider plant had a load of "spiderettes" which were draining energy from the main plant, so I've propagated them the lazy way by just shoving loads of them into a couple of pots and hoping for the best. We'll see what happens!

Partial nudity in art 

TFW your eyebrows are on point, your earrings work great with your necklace and yet you have a nagging feeling that there's something missing from your outfit.

Flower/plant pictures 

One of the things I love about this time of year is that camellias all look like they're taking a breath just before launching into 🎶 "This is my moment..." 🎶

Cat pic 

You wanted some fresh air. But I want to explore.

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