My email client deletes messages that have been in the Trash folder for 30 days. But there are always at least 500 messages in there, and today it's closer to 600.

In other words, I must be deleting about 20 messages every day. That seems like a lot, given that I've tried hard to unsubscribe from stuff I don't want to receive.


stupid email game 

I've ended up playing a game with myself where I try to get the number of messages in my Trash folder over a certain number by finding old messages to delete.

My email client deletes messages that have been in Trash for over 30 days, so if I don't do anything the Trash dips below that satisfying round number. So I start trying to keep it up by searching for, e.g. old Facebook notifications, old newsletters, etc, so I can delete them.

I'm justifying this stupid game by telling myself that it must be reducing my carbon footprint, because this junk costs energy to store!

I started out trying to get over 600, then 700, and now I have over 900 messages in the Trash and of course I'm trying to get it over a thousand...

stupid email game 

@griffinkate this made me laugh, in part because I spent ages trying to get my deleted folder on my tablet up to 1066. Finally got there a couple of weeks ago.

Kind of nice others play games with their trash box too

stupid email game 

@GwenfarsGarden Ooh...mine's at 1062! Going to delete 4 messages now, brb!

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