Further to what I said earlier, I should explain that it's REALLY common for writers to be treated as stepping stones (and to treat each other as stepping stones).

Like, the number of people wanting access to my nonexistent contacts so I can help get their work published outweighs the number of outlets willing to publish my own work by about a thousand to one.

I get asked to read unpublished novels, short stories, interviews. People want free editing & proofreading, but mostly they really want the magic touch that will get their work published or make their website hugely popular.

I get asked to write about Subject X or Y in big-name publications. Not by the publications themselves, but by people who think I somehow have access to them.

Sometimes I want to scream that if I had all these magical contacts and ways to get published, I'd be benefiting from them myself instead of just waiting for random near-strangers.


Maybe this is true of all professions, I don't know. Maybe if I told people I worked in Boots, the majority would respond by asking if I can get them/their friend/their cousin a job in Boots too.

I guess it just feels more obvious for writers because the web allows more total strangers to get in touch?

Our contact details are out there because of the 0.00000001% chance that someone will want to hire us, so of course we're sitting ducks for Mr Proofread My Novel or Mrs Get Me In The Guardian.

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