Hmmmm, the local yoga studio that really annoys me is offering a deal: basically 12.5% off if you book six classes. Should I go for it or will I regret it when it starts annoying me again after, like, the second class?

This ISN'T the yoga place where the woman keeps burning joss-sticks that set off my asthma, but it IS the one where

a) the signpost for the building is always hidden behind a parked car so it's really hard to find, which is obviously not a problem if you've been there before but the disrespect to new people annoys me

b) at the end of the class they make everybody clean the mats with like a cleaning spray and a cloth

c) they store the mats high up on the walls so I always have to ask someone to put mine away for me.

Am I just too uptight for yoga?

(I do have my own mat, by the way, but it doesn't help because they put their own mats down in advance of the class and expect you to put your own mat on top of theirs, which means you're not exempt from the cleaning and hanging-it-8ft-off-the-ground crap.)

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