Hmmmm, the local yoga studio that really annoys me is offering a deal: basically 12.5% off if you book six classes. Should I go for it or will I regret it when it starts annoying me again after, like, the second class?

This ISN'T the yoga place where the woman keeps burning joss-sticks that set off my asthma, but it IS the one where

a) the signpost for the building is always hidden behind a parked car so it's really hard to find, which is obviously not a problem if you've been there before but the disrespect to new people annoys me

b) at the end of the class they make everybody clean the mats with like a cleaning spray and a cloth

c) they store the mats high up on the walls so I always have to ask someone to put mine away for me.

Am I just too uptight for yoga?

(I do have my own mat, by the way, but it doesn't help because they put their own mats down in advance of the class and expect you to put your own mat on top of theirs, which means you're not exempt from the cleaning and hanging-it-8ft-off-the-ground crap.)

@griffinkate they expect you to clean the mats?! Just after you got nice and relaxed?! Bugger that, pay more for a place that doesn't expect free labour, and is inaccessible on several levels!

@GwenfarsGarden Trouble is, at the moment my normal yoga teacher is on holiday, the only other class locally is Asthma Trigger Lady and I haven't been for aaaaaages and I really want to get back into it.

@griffinkate hmmmm. I guess I'm so horrified by them expecting you to do the bloody cleaning, I cannot get past that...

@GwenfarsGarden It's WEIRD, to be honest. They get out little sprays and cloths and just...yeah, it's weird. I get that it's probably a good hygienic thing to do but can't THEY do it if they're that bothered?

@GwenfarsGarden basically, though, most yoga classes have something that annoys me and I can't let that stop me doing yoga.

@griffinkate yeh, that's fair enough. I guess work out which is the least annoying. I'm guessing not Asthma Yoga!!!

@GwenfarsGarden LOL exactly! By now the Asthma Yoga has me seething because it winds me up so much that I have to ask EVERY TIME, and, you know, insert rant about ableism and not wanting to have to *ask* for basic accommodations, you know the drill.

@griffinkate @GwenfarsGarden
It makes me think a wee bit of meditative / "mindfulness" practice. Like I can imagine on retreat the monks would make you do that. I wonder if there's some cargo culting going on there.
I agree that there's lots of "quirkiness" let's call it about yoga classes. One I went to had social time afterwards where you drank herbal tea and all the relaxation I had built up disappeared as I stopped myself from saying mean things about crystals.

@priryo @GwenfarsGarden It doesn't *feel* like a mindfulness thing that's for our benefit, it just feels like "we need you to clean the mats". It takes seconds per mat and I've got out of it in the past by saying "um, I brought my own mat and my body hasn't touched your mat, soooo...."

I would go with the mindfulness theory if it was something like gently polishing a beautiful piece of wood or something.

I agree, all yoga classes are weird in their own ways!

@griffinkate @GwenfarsGarden
I mean how dirty does a yoga mat _get_ anyway?
(Maybe don't answer that :) )

@griffinkate I guess I'd expect if they want you to clean the mats, the classes would be cheaper.

Besides, what are people wearing, or not wearing, that means they feel they need to clean the mats every time anyway?!

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