Documenting the progress of the garden. This is already an improvement. It didn't have the raised bed or the apricot tree in a pot before last year. In fact I've put five fruit trees in (2 in pots).

Spent this morning putting up wires for climbing plants. Ran out of wire.

That big bush in the front is taking up space in the sunniest spot, so I'm going to transplant it in favour of a couple of blueberry bushes.

@galadhir Image description: A garden bordered by a wooden fence on the two sides shown in the image. There are small bare trees and climbing plants just in front of the fence and a bird feeder in a corner. In the foreground a raised bed is partially shown, with a large planter nearby.

@puffinus_puffinus Oh thank you! I thought there was some kind of arcane trick to putting an image description in and I couldn't figure out how to do it on mobile.

Goodness knows why it never occurred to me to just put it in the normal text! I will do that in future though, now that it's finally dawned on me.

@tofuwabohu @puffinus_puffinus Oh, thank you! I obviously tried to do it too late in the process. Let me have a quick experiment with that :)

@tofuwabohu @puffinus_puffinus Hurray! Cracked it. Thank you again. I would never have thought of tapping the image to bring up the caption option.

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