OH, by the way.

Webcomic rec:
A Pocketful Of Clouds

It's... not, Solarpunk. But it hits a lot of the same notes for me.?

It's about small town, small wooden houses and pathways, above the clouds at the top of a high clocktower from an ancient civilization.

There's no plot, there's just... people. The historian, there study the clocktower. The innkeepers and their children. The artist, there to paint clouds. The lady who catches dreams. ...

It's lovely, and beautiful.



Cats come up a lot.

The artist (the closest-to-main character) has two cats,
and also, every so often, at night and when none of the humans are looking, there are the mistcats, made of cloudstuff.


*has already read and reread the entire archive and is very grateful for such a lovely low-key comic*

(have you read Tweep? tweep.com/ hits something of a similar tone, maybe - is a group of friends getting involved in each other's lives and doing small things like going to the park, making mixtapes, taking photos and developing film ... not especially solarpunk, but nice.)

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