rambling & complaining 

so yesterday i drove to my first hrt consultation. it was terrifying because it was in the middle of the morning rush, and i haven't driven in a large city before, so i was anxious as fuck.

we arrived 2 hours early, and fuck. it turns out the doctor had to cancel so they moved my appointment to another day. so i drove 2 hours, scared out of my mind, so i could find that out. absolutely awful. i don't have record of them calling me about it, but i guess that's life.

today im still recovering from the fear and trying to do SOMETHING today. i also woke up late because im trying not to have to take meds every night, so like. im super out of it because of that + the fact that my actual meds i usually take around 8, and today i took em around 12. BIG SIGH. im so tired.

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