i think it's maybe a bit too short on top, but it doesn't look too bad i think???

me, waiting for my clippers: ....... packige??

@askosh @xinayder Yes, we listened to the users who aren't nazi-sympatizers.

I hope you can understand that we're expressing our freedom of speech and freedom of association here.

my official review of captain marvel can be summed up w a quote from jenny nicholson: "at least when girls make mary sues, they're nice"

it was okay, i liked the music, the military bits were obviously πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ, but it could have been more gay pretty easily if marvel wasn't a corp that wanted to make lots of easy money. oh, but there was a cat, so like bonus points. she's much better in this than in endgame.

okay out of mama mia. id watch it again, but maybe in a few months.

tomorrow is Haircut Day β„’ im hoping it'll go well, because if it doesn't... then you'll be seeing a buzzed boy on your timeline

it's funny, bc my cousin's husband just shaved his head after fucking up his own self haircut... let this not be an omen πŸ™

my brother is the final pam of eggs. no i will not explain.

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things won't get better if we keep catering to whiteness/white supremacy and ideas/thoughts that fall into those categories

we have to challenge ourselves and how we've interpreted things and how we respond to things because our lens is different and Very Susceptible as white people in a white supremacist culture

there's been quite a lot of racism actively on display on the fedi (probably for even longer than most of us have seen/known)

address it. combat it. in yourself, and in your spaces.

i bought some clippers off amazon w the money y'all got me... so on monday ill be giving myself a haircut, so thank you all!! 🌺 :ablobreach:

another profile image update? it's more likely than you think

He/him, they/them lesbians and lesbians who use neopronouns are beautiful and handsome and wonderful and there is NOTHING wrong with you if you are a lesbian who uses them!

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