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hi! i am also here from tumblr. i guess ill start my post. my name's nick, im 20 years old, trans, and bi. i like to garden, listen to music, and play games with my family. i really love the idea of this instance so im hoping i like it here! thank you all. 🐝

8:30. just woke up. trying to read things on this site. words hard.

driving moments: making a full and complete stop before absolutely barreling over pedestrians jaywalking outside the publix

eating toasted marshmallows and watching scary stories :'3 today's been great

trying to decide between doing a jack, czar of halloween themed pumpkin or a minecraft creeper pumpkin... :thinking_sun:

my brother said to caption this post "t hanos" and nothing else

ah, fuck, that wasn't yesterday, that was thursday, im too sleepy for this,

yesterday: my brother and i went to an irish pizza place in the local art area and there was a goose sighting

the little lady kitty keeps coming into my room, meowing once, smacking my head with slightly clawed paw, and then rubbing up against me. ma'am, i am trying to SLEEP.

mushrooms and eggs for breakfast tomorrowwww... i have extra mushrooms so ill probably do minced mushrooms with fried rice for lunch... yomyom

meds, sex mention 

trying to decide if i should bind today πŸ€”πŸ€”


at a walk-in clinic, gonna see if they can figure out what's uppppp

medical stuff 

not so scary halloween story 

kind of scary halloween story 

meds and silly plural stuff 

drew my animals as acnl villagers... i think piglet looks the most original and oliver looks the most like an acnl character

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