another story. this was when we were in like... 6th grade i think? but it was still so rude that i remember it. this friend and i had been in the same class since kindergarten, but only really became friends after 3rd grade.

we were at the lunch table chatting, when she told me that when we were younger she thought i was ugly so that's why we didn't hang out then, but when she got to know me i was nice so it was okay. real self esteem boost there huh.

i dunno, i think im having a moment of built up anger, bc im just mad for nothing now. i guess baby me repressed his feelings too. πŸ˜…

i remember one time my ex gf and i (idr if we were dating at that time yet) were chatting about our past lives and reincarnation. my ex is a christian who also believes in past lives, while im more... question mark, y'know? anyways, this friend is the daughter of a youth group leader and is veryyyy annoyingly christian. she jumps in and tells us that that's all fake, and we should not believe that. she was not included in this convo, and in fact had to go out of her way to butt in to this. we both just sort of explained why that's our beliefs, but she just... couldn't take understand that we have different beliefs than her. debating w another 16 y/o about religion and spirituality is NOT what i wanted to do.

gonna dunk on an ex-friend of mine for a bit bc y'all know im bitter

gluten morgen y'all! i thought i had a blood test scheduled today, but it's next weekend. wellllll y'know. i got a breakfast out of it anyways!

pooh bear's gonna save the turtles by just straight up trying to eat every plastic straw ever. he tried to steal this one back out of the recycling bin... crazy...

piglet was licking her belly and i came over to let her lick my spoon after i was done w some late night leftover chili (really unemployed moments). she got a bit on her chest where she'd just cleaned and i swear if this cat could roll her eyes at me...

Asking for money :boost_ok:​ 

hmmm yeah that recipe didn't work. it all just fell apart. guess im having cheesy eggy rice for lunch?

i think im gonna make rice croquettes for lunch 🀠

my brother went as a princess that year, which is only odd bc my mom was the original pinterest mom and always had themes for each halloween. i guess sams just really wanted to be a princess tho, which is so :100_gay: and :valid: of him

also, here's baby me (plus dad and littlest brother) in pirate costume... i won't have the hair as on point this time, but i think i might be able to get a better hat :blobcatmeltlove:

my bro and mom and i r going to mickeys not so scary halloween party on the 13th of september (it's friday the 13th, pretty fun!). we've been debating on what to go as, and i think we've kind of settled on pirates. i think i have most of what im gonna wear, just need a tricorn hat and a few accessories. ive already got a fun shirt, black pants, and boots that will do. :Cat1: :pirate_flag:



✨ 🌊 πŸ•―οΈ πŸ₯š πŸ•―οΈ 🌊 ✨

feeling bad energies today? here's some limpia de huevo/ egg cleansing for your TL

i close my eyes to sleepy. shakes leggy so i can't sleep. paces til my knees feel bad. shakes leggy. sitting here typing this post. shakes leggy.

brain: please we slept like 3 hours

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