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hi! i am also here from tumblr. i guess ill start my post. my name's nick, im 20 years old, trans, and bi. i like to garden, listen to music, and play games with my family. i really love the idea of this instance so im hoping i like it here! thank you all. 🐝

uhhhm i think i lost my driver's licence??? fuck, idk where id have even put it, bc the last place i remember giving my driver's licence at was at 26health and afaik i didn't leave it there? i hope not bc ive driven a good bit since then... :/

anyways, it's not the biggest deal, bc i can just like. get a new one for $25, but still.

we're going on a mini vacation tomorrow and im excited, but worried about the money. i hate not having money of my own to contribute to the family. :blobcatmelt3:

songs that never fail to make me cry:

1) ghost by indigo girls
2) sleepyhead by the scary jokes
3) good year for the roses by elvis costello

Myasstodon is such a great instance and since opening up to a more general POC instance this week they've been getting a lot of new members, and new members means new costs. This is a great time to give them some support if you can! if not, boost!

cc @ldopa

hey can someone reply to this so i can see if my notifs are fixed? i just cleared all my tusky notifs because they've been broken for the past few days and it's been killing me

last night (as in a couple of hours ago) we celebrated my grandma's 83 birthday. there were a lot more people than we were expecting, so i didn't get any cake, but Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

it was still a lovely night nonetheless! this past year has been tough on her, but i think having family around has helped a lot. :ablobreach:



made up my breakfast for tomorrow. we're gonna see how it goes! i didn't use a recipe, i kind of just did what i thought felt right. ill include the approximated amounts in another post bc ocd makes me be like this!

At Himbo Acres, we may not be the best anarchist commune, but we’re definitely the sluttiest

tusky's being fucky so if im off for a bit it's because im just too lazy to download another mastodon app πŸ™€

no, i don't know what that phrase actually means and no, i don't actually care. and no, i haven't slept well for weeks so im speaking a bit of nonsense, probably.

"je ne sais quoi" is just the french term for "funny cuz of childhood trauma". it adds a little spice, a little zest, a little something.

in other words, being this mentally ill makes me pretty mentally chill. :thinknyan:

"discovering" music is so weird. because idk how popular something is in general, or if my corner of the internet is already well versed in *insert any new music ive discovered* until after ive posted about it. i guess it doesn't really matter, but i just get self conscious about music!

@strnom @GreenandBlack Done. Cats the musical movie monstrosity is real again, Universal lost a shit ton of money, and everything is back to "normal". Except, I became my own grandfather, which explains why I am just the spitting image of myself.

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