sammy and i watched alice in wonderland (the animated version) last night... i hadn't seen it in forever and it was really nice ;;

im not changing my icon back for a little bit... i might draw myself a new one but for right now im celebrating my birthday over a few days irl anyways so like. yeah! :flow:

napped most of the day, went to have sushi at one of my dad's favorite places, got my favorite publix cake for dessert, and a few sips of some champagne 馃嵕 (spoiler: this was not my first drink but i guess it's my first legal one? i don't like champagne that much)

i haven't used this in forever... it gives a weird bar filter to my camera hgffhjgdd

Earth = jord
Bruka = use, cultivate
Jordbrukare = farmer
Gubbe = guy
Jordgubbe = strawberry

Why don't you want to see this ad?
馃敇 I am offended by the very idea of ads. If your product was necessary you probably wouldn't have to advertise it. Competing brands of the same thing that differ only in packaging and marketing are a huge drain on society, and advertising is a huge part of this drain. Fully automated luxury gay space communism now.

tomorrow's my birthday? holy shit it doesn't feel like it

im gonna drop my kofi link in case you want to send me money to help get myself something nice for my birthday. if you have something you want to send to me (plant propagations, cool book, home processed goods), you can dm me for my address! :blobcatsurprised:

anyways, happy 21st to me!!

ppl i tend to crush on:
- men with long hair
- men's plus size models
- actually scratch that ive not yet seen any plus size model that wasn't attractive
- ppl with nice smiles who are nice to me
- any person with flowers in their beards
- women who look like they'd let me be the stay at home dad

also dinner. my dad added old bay to the kale after id finished with it and it shocked me when i started eating... really really good meal though

ill sum the convo up as: "what if piglet was the first cat to ever step on the sun, but since she's so big her weight would cause it to to implode. the resulting black hole would be stopped up by her big ol butt, so she'd be stuck as the new sun until someone got her out of that mess."

the things we talk about @ 3am...

drawn last night in a sleepy moment after a weird convo with my brothers: piglet after imploding the sun and causing it to turn into a black hole. she is sitting and waiting for god to come back and put a new sun in place, but it's been like 10 minutes so our little kitty is worried.

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