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i wonder if anyone's every vague posted about me without me knowing... πŸ€”
(note: this is not a vague post)

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Just a friendly reminder that it’s still Black History Month.

the new ultraphone 7 is sleek, sexy, and slender. it's got a gorgeous glass finish that would make anyone fall in love at first sight. an adorable USB-C port sits at the bottom of the device. the top right houses an incredibly fuckable headphone jack

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i was wearing a polo and my brother said i look like a rich kid at a country club, so now they're joking about "yack-ting" around with my "cay-veer" πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ love them but im really not sure about this look yet so im like this close to punching them

it’s too hard to find a D&D time that works with everyone’s jobs, so i have decided to end capitalism

my hair isn't green anymore and it's so weird... having brown hair again is crazy... i can't be sure if i like it yet bc my stylist (bless her) always blow-dries my hair straight and i kinda hate that...

my aunt gave me an amazon gift card for the first time in months so i used amazon for the first time in months... i feel a little unclean after that 😞 whatever though, ive got my work shoes headed my way!

ive been playing seedship and boy it does make me emotional... i feel very connected and worried about the ppl im protecting,

πŸ‘ Cis πŸ‘ women πŸ‘ are πŸ‘ women! πŸ‘

Even though they did not consciously choose to be women, cis women are still women!

this is a casual gamer zone any pro gamers found on the premises can and will be removed

my brothers and i finally got to the ender dragon fight after hyping ourselves up for like 3 days but we died within about 4 minutes to being knocked into the void... 😞 luckily i had a backup, bc boy did i not want to loose all our shit!

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Cis isn't a slur except when I say it.

"Ask for work. If they don't give you work, ask for bread. If they do not give you work or bread, then take it."

~Emma Goldman


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