Does anyone have any resources to look at re: structuring co-ops? (Esp housing co-ops.) My friends and I want to make a good one in the next few years and while I def think we can do our dishes and pay rent on time, are there organizational things we can do to make things easier and be more successful?

@descartez there are some international rules for co-op decided on by some kind of international co-op hub? (can't remember exactly) p sure they have a website you can look for. also, research state/provincial laws about forming co-ops.

Someone shared this into a conversation I had about starting a tech coop. There's probably some relevance for you in that deciding how much money you want to invest in having the State definition of a #coop apply to your group is going to determine the external form, while the substance of the group identity will be an operating agreement 🍀

@descartez NASCO has a lot of good resources for starting & maintaining housing co-ops.

Here’s a good guide for US-based co-op startups (PDF):

If you’re not US or CA there may be other better resources local to you. The general co-op concepts apply regardless. Hope this is helpful.

@descartez what geopolitical zone are you in?

There are lots of resources I can link for UK housing co-ops.

I have other practical advice also if you would like me to share. I mean heck, we could even do a public call for all of us to chat.

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