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3 rules:
- Reduce Harm
- Increase Good
- Grow as much as possible that does not violate the first two rules

If any rule, law, societal structure, person, or religious teaching violates these principles, correct them.

reading: Preindustrial workers worked fewer hours than today's 

If anyone has any ideas as to best keep the player updated with new content, I am all ears.

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The player boasts 79-80 hours of use, which is perfect for me, as I almost am never not listening to something.

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I just bought an mp3 player like it's 2005. It makes sense for me. My phone and my headphone batteries drain too fast, I don't use streaming services much, and I like having headphone jacks. Podcasts are going to be the real trick. Managing them without an internet connection is going to be interesting. The player has an sd card slot so I think I'll use a script to download podcasts to that and just manually update every once in a while.

So since I've been hearing the DHHS has been shutting off their fax machines, I say we mail them shit. So here's some political postcards for you. Feedback would be appreciated, let me know if the messaging is good.

Trans pol 

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Just had to make a thing to distract myself so why not that?

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I need sleep. I just made fake pamphlets/handouts made by a fictional group called "The Bone Suspicion Committee". Why? For what purpose?

Technological progress is defined by an increasing openness of systems whether it be knowledge, tools or services. Anything that does not increase openness is not technological progress, it is technological confinement.

Also a few snake "don't tread on me" flags about. Trying to figure out how to get rid of those. I want some kind of direct action that will mark them for who they are in a creative way that shames them.

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There's a house near me that def is MAGA. They have the hat on one of their car's dashboard. They also have stickers on the back of said cars that are blue US flags that say something along the lines of "free because of the brave" or something stupid. My plan: recreate these stickers, but have the text changed. "I voted for him and I don't care who he hurts" or something harsher. The idea is that it will be a more overt signal that but it looks enough like the originals to pass notice.

Hey friends, I need some txt files that are in line with "baby's first union" kind of things. My idea is to load these onto a wifi enabled board, which then will "hand out" the info to whoever is looking. Thoughts?

I also realized that this system could just serve up txt files of literature, keeping it small. With the esp32 being so cheap, you're essentially designing an electronic "pamphlet handler", that can serve up union literature without identifying the users.

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Also since I'm not fluent with Arduino, I'm happy to see the ESP32 can now run micropython and circuitpython. It will make the baseline for this idea easier than setting up whole environments (raspi) or using something I'm not as familiar with (Arduino)

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