Anyone else play the board game?

It's kind of sweet. It tells the story of how the world as a whole comes together to eradicate a virus.

/checks news headlines, shakes head.

@derek Haven't played it unfortunately. Is it similar to that movie "Don't look up" that shows the world coming together and joining forces to defend against heroically against a common meteor threat?

@derek I have! I've also played the Legacy versions (Pandemic Legacy season 1, 2, and 0). I found them very fun, definitely my kind of game.

@derek Great coordination game that guests regularly pull off our shelf. It's a shame we have to ask for each players financials before starting and distribute moves based on income.

@derek Played season 1 and loved it, got season 2 intending to power through it but then irl pandemic came and it doesn't feel like fun escapism any more

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