PSA my memory is terrible and i'm worried i've tried to follow locked accounts multiple times 

so, over the past couple days i tried to follow a couple of folks that i was surprised i didn't already follow, and realized their accounts were locked after i clicked the follow button and saw the timer.

if you have your account locked and i have tried to follow you multiple times i am sorry!

my memory is honestly terrible and after i try to follow someone who is locked i only realize if it went through if i start seeing them on my home feed.

i'm never going to hold it against someone if they want to keep their feed private! i just honestly don't remember bc i try to follow a lot of folks who make posts im interested in and am bad at keeping track

if you're comfortable letting me know i did this (so i don't try to do it again) you're more than welcome to!

i'm going to try to pay more attention as well in the future!

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