Ok, so I have a tweet that's getting kind of popular on birbsite and I want to share the essence here too:

A guy tweeted that MySpace had lost all the music uploaded to it from 2003-2015. " An entire archive just... gone, forever."

So... this is your periodic reminder that uploading stuff to a website isn't an archive.

Someone responded:

"As an artist that stores their art on twitter and a lot of art related sites. This troubles me deeply. Imagine if Twitter or even Youtube did this. Every video gone forever."

And just holy yikes, y'all. This gave me palpitations.

Please don't think of uploading/sharing stuff as "storing" it on any of these sites--twitter/tumblr/etc. There's no good retrieval process, you don't control compression, etc. It's nice to access stuff one's shared for resharing but not storage.

@platypus Art: you keep the original files, without watermark or your URL, and NOT shrunk or compressed to save bandwidth for online viewing. Then you make backups. Multiple.
Keep one somewhere you don't live, in case your house burns down.


@narF @Anke @platypus @aldersprig even ephemeral works are usually documented in some way, by photo/video. In which case you should treat the files like they were master copies of digital work as described above- largest file size you can stand, no watermarks, and backed up to at least one hard drives that does not live in your house.

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