I want to live in a way that's healthier for both me and the planet. Less waste, more buying from local businesses and farmer's market type things, going vegetarian, etc.

But I'm struggling with the ways that pushes against my executive functioning difficulties. And at the same time, I'm kind of a mess right now and just dealing with that takes a ton of energy, cleaning up any part of my life to do better seems daunting.

Trying to find baby steps I can take. :-/

@chaognostica try going veg one day a week. or, take the bus, walk, or bike somewhere instead of driving one day a week. then later two! you don't have to do it all at once. change takes time. ☀

@t54r4n1 I do walk pretty much everywhere I go. :) I'd like to bike more, for mobility. If I need to go somewhere that's hard to walk to, I tend to bus. But it takes time, is limited to the bus schedules, and costs money. It'd be cool if I could figure out bike routes - total freedom! :D That's one of my big goals right now.

Re: vegetarian meals. It's more a matter of cooking at all. But I can def try that as a start - one night cooking a week. Thanks!

@chaognostica The executive function bits of your post are relatable! I'm taking the letter-writing and petition route. Next up I'll try to petition toothpaste companies in the UK to sell toothpaste in jars as well as/instead of tubes. :D If you find ways, let us know!

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