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I can't wait until cities are just big buildings surrounded by plants like this. and everything is recyclable and clean air and we live harmoniously with the environment. Sign! One can dream

My partner hates my outdoor cat-friend. 😿

Ok, he doesn't actually hate her. He just doesn't approve of my feeding her and encouraging her to stick around. He thinks it's intruding on our indoor cats' territory....and also their food.

That part makes a little more sense to me, but I don't out out food for her *often*. Maybe a couple small cans a week tops. She clearly has other ways of getting food, but I'm not going to turn her away when she comes here. She's too cute.

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Carter came back!

That is what I named my adorable outdoor kitty visitor.

She (I think? I have no idea how to tell, except my sister's male cats are HUGE and she's tiny) disappeared for almost a week and I thought she went home or moved on.

But I opened the door today and there she was.

I'm so happy.

The cat was still there when my partner came home last night. He gently ushered it off the porch because he's concerned it's invading our cats' territory and would stress them out.

But I went to get the mail today and it was still there, came up out of the bushes to say hi to me.

I think it lives here now?????

I have no idea what to do, how best to make sure it's safe and gets back to its humans if it has any.

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This little cutie was waiting when I opened the door this morning. Way too friendly and fearless to be a stray, I hope it finds its humans soon.

I tried to convince my partner our cats want an outdoor sibling but he wouldn't go for it.

After I ran some errands and did some yardwork today, I rewarded myself by testing my bike. Rode it to get some ice cream and then to a store to pick up dinner ingredients.

I'm not quite used to riding on the busy-ish roads yet and there are some things I still need to fix on the bike, but it's functional. And it's a lot quicker than walking! Seems obvious, but I didn't realize that getting more of a workout would also leave me with more mental energy. A much nicer trip all around.

Bike Status: Seat adjusted for proper height (or close enough, I *might* have gone too low this time but at least it's straight and rideable), tires inflated, basically seems functional.

Human Status: Oh crap do I even remember how to ride a real bike? It's so wobbly! The stationary bike doesn't wobble, I am very unprepared for this.

Thinking I'll take a ride around the neighborhood tomorrow, start small and make sure I'm not going to lose control and fall on a busy road.

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Woo, I have a day off!

On my last day off, I tried to fix my bike. The seat was broken and I had it basically taped on. Not safe, don't do that. So I got a new one. I put it on a little wrong, slightly at a downward angle. But I tried to ride it to see how bad it was, and immediately the bike sank.

Oh yeah, tires. Those are a thing.

So today - inflating the tires, trying to fix the seat.

Probably no ride because rain. :( But soon, though.

health, exercise 

Bleh. I've been trying to get healthier and for a good several weeks there was working out nearly every day. But I haven't been feeling so great and skipped the last several days, and now I'm having trouble getting started again.

Struck a compromise with myself. Gonna do my reading first and then try for a shortened workout, just 15 minutes of cardio and some crunches.

Sometimes once I start it's easier to keep going. But either way, something is better than nothing.

I've only finished the first chapter so can't really give a sure recommendation, but it seems like the pick this month (The Lamb Will Slaughter The Lion) might interest fans.

A point brought up in discussion has been how hard it is to imagine trusting near strangers with survival. Wound up being the core of my dream last night, which was pretty neat and hopeful, made me feel better about my day.

Work stuff, learning good habits, money 

Woo, I brought a lunch today and didn't spend any money. Also a co-worker was scheduled a day after didn't want this work week, so I picked up some more hours to replace the ones I gave away yesterday.

Now I just gotta keep working hard and making better choices till it's habit.

Let’s play a game, to help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest u but aren’t in yr profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do same.

and in particular for or other secular expressions of faith

music, but tbh especially and super especially FOB

I want to be into but I've got a lot to learn.

money, executive dysfunction, bad money management, peer pressure 

Note: this is entirely on me. Like I said, I've made better choices. I know bringing my own lunch is better for my health, mood, bank account, and the environment. I want to get back to that.

Just trying to get out of this bad rut and recognizing how urgent it is. Like, at the point I'm turning down future money because I can't afford it today, I'm obviously in a dangerous spiral.

Not looking for advice, just thinking"out loud."

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money, executive dysfunction, bad money management, peer pressure 

My job has gotten too expensive. They all like to order lunch and I've gone through short periods where I say no and eat stuff I make at home. But I haven't had the energy for it lately and go in on did with them way too much.

To the point that this week I have no money left and 2 days before payday. And when someone who wanted more hours asked if she could have mine today, I was relieved because I couldn't afford a work day. 1/2

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Here's a suggestion for a substitute for "crazy" that I've been trying to use more: "wild"

Saying something like "that's wild" is already pretty common so its not even a super difficult sidestep to manage.

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I want to live in a way that's healthier for both me and the planet. Less waste, more buying from local businesses and farmer's market type things, going vegetarian, etc.

But I'm struggling with the ways that pushes against my executive functioning difficulties. And at the same time, I'm kind of a mess right now and just dealing with that takes a ton of energy, cleaning up any part of my life to do better seems daunting.

Trying to find baby steps I can take. :-/

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apparently a TERF made this to mock trans people and it's actually just the best thing?

I've spent a ton of time in school, read *so many* books on things I like and never really had the urge to highlight or record anything I read. Rarely found much that seemed important, school kind of killed my love of learning really.

Weird how I just started reading some zines on the same topics and I'm immediately like "damn, that's good. I need some highlighters."

I've been sort of trying to write a book, but academia is so filled with fluff. Might abandon that and do some zine work.

I was looking at some zines about biking yesterday and was all fired up to dust off my own bike and go someplace. Then I remembered roads near me are largely not bike-friendly and that anywhere I go often I already walk (or ride the bus and *then* walk if it's too far or there aren't safe walking spaces either).

I know there's a group/movement here advocating to make the city more bike-friendly. I should get involved with that.

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