Spent a little while this evening sieving the frass out of my single-box mealworm setup. This time, I am seeing little larvae, indicating that the adults are successfully mating, and the cycle is working. I'm still harvesting plenty of pupae to feed to the wild-birds (I pay my taxes! :) ).
I'm thinking it might be time to start taking some pictures and document it for / @actionweek. I started this as an experiment in a temperate-climate alternative to black-soldier-fly composting, and so far it's looking like a success.. although I'm still learning, and there's plenty more to be learned on how to do this best.
Managing "wet" waste, in particular, is going to be harder to do with this method: I think Darkling Beetles (=mealworms) prefer mostly dry conditions. Possibly this can be managed with partial dehydration/solar-drying of waste, or perhaps just "mix with sawdust", but then you're maybe just hot-composting. Like I said, lots to learn. :)

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