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Moving my not-explicitly-solarpunk aspects to as it has a more welcoming atmosphere for more general conversation. I'll be trying to keep this account only for topics that are explicitly welcome on Sunbeam from now on.

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* I'm and proud of it! :)
* I love growing things!
* Pro-nuclear as a matter of urgency, though I want Solar to win long-term
* Something of a solitary resilience experimenter; I think a lot about how I'd manage watering and feeding and powering my family if an extended polycrisis happened.
* Studied genetics, spent a few years biohacking in a basement lab, strongly pro-science.
* Always trying to bridge the gaps between environmentalist ideology and science.

SBC meta 

One of our cooperative members has kindly volunteered to take over, I will post more details tomorrow.

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Leftists who spend all of their time complaining about how naive and utopian and not-based-on-enormous-books-of-political-theory is:

Indoor irrigator update: Even if the scheduling doesn't work out, the fact that I can just push a button and auto-water 12 plants at once, instantly and without visiting a sink/hose, is pretty neat.

Oh sing we now the Holy Weeds

That flourish in the ditch,

For they are for the meek in needs,

They are not for the rich.

You cannot buy them at the mall,

Nor at the superstore,

They are despised because they all

Grow freely for the poor.

The Dandelion shoots, for spring,

Before their flowers burst;

The Burdock root is best in June

When it is fat with juice;

When autumn comes, the Acorn’s ripe,

The Walnut black is too;

Young Milkweed pods are sweet when boiled,

And Milkweed shoots when new.

The inner bark of Spruce and Birch

For extra Vitamin C –

But do not take too much of each,

Or you will kill the tree.

The Purslane, Sorrel, Lamb’s Quarters,

And Nettles, too, are good;

The Hawthorn, Elder, Sumac, Rose –

Their berries wholesome food.

The Holy Weeds are plentiful

And beautiful to see –

For who can doubt God put them there,

So starved we’ll never be?

from The God's Gardeners Oral Hymnbook from Margaret Atwoods' Year of the Flood

Do I think the "Green Wave" will save us? Not by itself, not even 10%. But it's a signal that, _less than 1 year since the IPCC's stark warning_, momentum is building, despite the wilful apathy of mainstream politics.
People are signalling to one another: climate is a mainstream concern. Preaching about solar and bikes and vegetarianism and anti-natalism, etc.. we're reaching a point where it's starting to stick.
We can win.

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I know lots of you beamers are anti-voting, but I gotta say I'm happy to see the Green Wave bearing out here in Ireland and EU.
I'd prefer if we'd have a sortition system, but if we have to have elections.. I'm really glad we do them by proportional representation. Voting meant putting the candidates in order of preference, so I knew my vote would end up AT WORST voting for a mainstream party to deny far right. But it looks like maybe I did better and got my first pref? Time will tell.

One possible gripe with this kit is that it came with plenty of rubber tubing for my needs, but only one four-way hose splitter. It came with plenty of three way splitters. It also came with 10 drippers, but based on my observations it's more than powerful enough to handle additional drippers. So, if you want to experiment with as many as 20 plants at the same elevation, I'd guess that's practical, provided you buy the extra drippers and splitters.
Flow rate is also probably practical for hydroponics.

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I set up the irrigator with a 2-4-4 tier system, so there are two plants at the "ground floor", then two higher tiers with four drippers each. So that's 10 plants watered possibly daily with one irrigator for less than €40, powered by AA or USB. It's super practical, IMO, might be a great way to convince people to bring some green into their homes. :)

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Set up an automatic waterer for an indoor planter in my new office, and it's _surprisingly effective_. Cost me ~€35, powered by USB, can do fairly granular scheduling:
Advantage: I can keep non-succulents indoors and not worry when I go on holidays!
Disadvantage: Some plants require more or less water, this approach does not cater to those cases.
One worry I had was what displacement was practical with this little pump, because I have it watering three tiers of plants using a floor-based reservoir, where the highest tier is 1.1m above the reservoir intake.. but it was _no problem_, and the thing waters much faster than I expected.

more oath worm, death-adjacent 


and when you've done
your task, in turn
the oath worm will
for you, adjourn
for now, beneath
tree root and fern
and one and all
at last, return

oath worm poem 

@bryn @nicepersonality

pledge to the dirt
beneath your feet
the oath worm waits
for you to meet
the promise of
the trees returned
of knowledge lost
and lesson learned

This is Icarus. The farthest away single star we've ever seen. It's a blue supergiant star, not a supernova or gamma ray burst or anything, just a star, seen from 9 𝘣𝘪𝘭𝘭𝘪𝘰𝘯 light years away.

We were only able to see it for a time because it was Gravitationally Lensed by passing directly behind another star and then magnified further by other galaxy clusters and dark matter. Spacetime acted like a telescope for this single star, magnifying about 2000 times.

Hey! The Global Climate Strike for Future is happening tomorrow, 15th March 🔔

Tens of thousands—possibly millions—of students will be striking school tomorrow because the systematic failure to curb biosphere collapse makes a mockery of learning 🔥

Whether you're a student or not, try and get to your local one! ✊ #fff #FridaysForFuture

Is this #solarpunk? On the walk home from work I spotted this house near the edge of the city. They tapped the trees in their yard for syrup/sap! How cool is that!

They were getting a lot too. There were several more trees tapped not in this photo. Some jugs were 1/4 full and it had only been a day at most. It was visibly drip drip dripping into the jugs.

tea inquiry 

Does anyone have advice on purchasing bulk quantities of teas/herbal tisanes? I'm thinking about buying a batch of loose rooibos (a.k.a. bush tea or redbush tea, according to Wikipedia, but I am purchasing for delivery to the U.S.) but I suspect the knowledge to SEO ratio in search results to be pretty poor, so I'd rather ask people.

#rooibos #tea #AskMastodon #AskFediverse

I think the Crow Box is hella - sort this out with a solar panel and adapt it to collect things that matter more than coins:

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar expresses support for students striking for #climate next week
"Friday, 15 March has been named as an international day of action on #climateChange."
#ireland #schoolStrike

Fediverse Fed Discourse [1/~] 

My summary understanding of the discourse thus far: is run by someone who's in the infosec profession and has had to comply with FBI information requests in the past, and I guess made a really shitty joke in reference to this fact as part of a presentation? The fediverse has taken this to mean that they're an FBI informant as a result.

This makes me :thaenkin: about a lot of things...

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