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Moving my not-explicitly-solarpunk aspects to @cathal as it has a more welcoming atmosphere for more general conversation. I'll be trying to keep this account only for topics that are explicitly welcome on Sunbeam from now on.

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* I'm and proud of it! :)
* I love growing things!
* Pro-nuclear as a matter of urgency, though I want Solar to win long-term
* Something of a solitary resilience experimenter; I think a lot about how I'd manage watering and feeding and powering my family if an extended polycrisis happened.
* Studied genetics, spent a few years biohacking in a basement lab, strongly pro-science.
* Always trying to bridge the gaps between environmentalist ideology and science.

We need to study and design around a "Green Pill": What are the arguments and revelations that can mobilise a moderate or apathetic human into becoming an active defender of our planet?
How do we get people to understand, viscerally and personally, that they are causing hardship to themselves and others, and they must act immediately?
And, how do we stop them falling into counterproductive traps like buying organic, or fighting science?
#ExtinctionRebellion #ClimateCollapse #GlobalWarming

#introductions again? :)
I'm into: #Solarpunk & evidence-based #Permaculture, I'm either #BrightGreen or #DeepGreen depending on what we're discussing. Politically fluid but leaning #PostScarcity #Municipalism.
I work on #DataScience & #OpenSource at Scrapinghub. I like #Python, #Rust, & #MachineLearning.
Trained in #Genetics (yay #GMO!), spent years at #Biohacking & #DIYBio in a home lab. I miss it.
Currently experimenting with invertebrate #Composting, #Mycology, & evidence-based #Herbalism.

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I found my dream house ! 🌱

They are called SuperAdobe, and where created by an architect called Nader khalili. They are ecological, earth-quake proff, isolated... And beautiful ! Combine them with earthships, and you have it !


So there was a big protest today by schoolkids who blew off school and marched in the streets over government inaction on climate change.

The Prime Minister has said they should be less activist and focus on their schooling instead.

I just saw this sign. These kids are great.

#auspol #protest #activism

Finished reading 'Glass and Gardens : Solarpunk Summers', a collection of stories around the solarpunk theme. I really enjoyed it. I loved some stories more than others. Some were real 'yes!' moments where I strongly related and felt like this was the kind of future I wanted to work towards. But all offered interesting, and mostly optimistic futures. I definitely recommend this book.

Note: you can get it cheaper as an ebook.

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Playing a bunch of Stardew Valley again the last few evenings. It's obviously , but it occurred to me the degree to which its conception of farming relies on advanced automation, too. Raw ingredients, which practically self-harvest, are processed into "artisanal" goods using craft stations that take hours but no further effort from the operator. Far from being a "back to basics" anprim setting, it's an advanced technology eutopia of local farmers using robots to fight capitalism.

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The more I hear about the nonsense that happens with patents the more I wish we just got rid of them tbh.

We all know that bees are solarpunk af. Here's a neat little documentary about solitary bees, the species that don't live in hives. There are quite a few bee facts in here that were unexpected or strange 😍

Last week on , 6,000 people came into the streets and blocked off five of London's bridges. Join this Saturday for Rebellion Day 2.
Sign up via Facebook events to learn more.

Next #composting experiment: I'm considering setting up a paper-and-cardboard composter using cellulose-degrading fungi. I have oyster spawn I could use, though I've also got a few unidentified wild mycelia I could co-opt. It would be very interesting if it worked; turn yet another "useless" waste stream into complex organic matter that can be used as a soil amendment, while inoculating soil with competitors to Honey Fungus, my current biggest pest in the garden. 🤔

#Mealworm #Composting update: I'm seeing lots of little mealworms in the single-bin arrangement I'm trying to use, so the beetles must be successfully breeding, at least a little. I probably discarded tons of eggs into the redworm composting bin along with the first batch of frass-output, so maybe I slowed things down.
They eat well, anyway; expired cereal, stale crackers/biscuits/ricecakes, fruit/veg peelings.. and I get a steady stream of pupae to share with the wild birds and my chickens. :)

PRESS RELEASE 5.30pm UPDATE plants trees in Parliament Square, more than 3K people present ->

Some great activism speeches on bridge

Even the police are listening! No issues so far from them, they've not moved against anyone here.

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