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Moving my not-explicitly-solarpunk aspects to @cathal as it has a more welcoming atmosphere for more general conversation. I'll be trying to keep this account only for topics that are explicitly welcome on Sunbeam from now on.

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* I'm and proud of it! :)
* I love growing things!
* Pro-nuclear as a matter of urgency, though I want Solar to win long-term
* Something of a solitary resilience experimenter; I think a lot about how I'd manage watering and feeding and powering my family if an extended polycrisis happened.
* Studied genetics, spent a few years biohacking in a basement lab, strongly pro-science.
* Always trying to bridge the gaps between environmentalist ideology and science.

Denmark to label food according to effect on climate

> “We want to give consumers the means to assess in supermarkets the environmental impact of products,” Minister for the Environment Lars Christian Lilleholt said.

Rugy si tu me lis, c’est une bonne idée pour commencer, et montrer que tu n’es pas une marionnette de lobbies. L’étape suivante bien sûr, sera de taxer énormément les nourritures trop mauvaises pour l’environnement.

#environment #climateChange #food

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This is a beautiful statement.

#Bitcoin is made from ashes, and if ashes were legal tender, humanity would burn everything in sight and call it progress.

#Bitcoin must die


If Bitcoin were to cease trading tomorrow, 0.5% of the world’s electricity demand would simply disappear. This is roughly equivalent to the output of ten coal-fired power plants, emitting 50 million tonnes of CO2 per year – which would cover one year’s worth of the carbon emission cuts required to limit temperature rises this century to 2C.

#ClimateChange #CryptoCurrency

Installed Manyverse from FDroid. Sure, I'll experiment. Though I'll keep it installed even if I don't use it, because that way I can use FDroid to share the app with others if the net ever goes down for prolonged periods, so we can nucleate a little disaster-resilient social network. Phones have great batteries, can be easily solar-charged, and are portable to sync between distant networks to spread news and help.
I think that's pretty .

And you know what? You might think you're just one person and that there's no way you can make an impact on the world.

But you can. Everyone can.

Everyone has something they can contribute. If you don't know what your thing is, you haven't found it yet. But you will.

From the activists who replant entire forests to the dreamers who deal in ideas, there are plenty of ways to contribute.

The important thing is that we're doing *something*. We can't afford to sit on our hands anymore. 🌍

Screenshot attached of what the rules initially said. They now say "LGBTQ – some have asked if they can use gay characters. It depends on the story and how it is written. The judges will make that determination."

So, yeah, if you use that site, maybe don't. -.-

"I come from the future," the stranger said.
"Are you here to warn us?"
"The scientists of this age warn you. Thank you for listening."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

I’ve had a stressful last hour and this is so pure and wholesome it nearly made me cry 🥚🍁🍂

... #Ostrom and co. found that all successful #commons have 8 properties:

1. Clear boundaries
2. Locally relevant rules
3. Collective decision-making
4. Monitoring
5. Gradual enforcement
6. Conflict resolution resources
7. Legitimacy in eyes of government
8. Nested federation (if relevant)

(See image for full descriptions)

I find it interesting that many of the *functions* currently provided by the government (e.g. law creation) must be self-provided by/for commoners to succeed.


I keep getting requested on Quora to answer "Do Tropical Cyclones change direction of rotation when they cross the equator?"

No, they physically can't cross the equator, if they approached the equator they would breakdown and become simple depression; between 5º north and south there is insufficient corolis force to keep the heat engine structured as the heat engine falls apart the pressure quickly rises back closer to 1010hPa much faster than when they make landfall (the heat engine is left intact but fuel is gone).

Though Tropical Cyclones tend to move Polewards westish known as beta drift typically, though they can do weird loops and shit especially if they move back and forth between subtropics and tropics, also the fujiwara effect comes into play if two TCs are relativily close and in eachothers circulation where you will get them dancing around or "orbiting" though if close enough the energy of one might start being drained off like Hurrivamp (Portmantau of Hurricane, and Vampire, it isn't a real word but is now)

“Just 100 companies responsible for 71% of global emissions, study says“

There is a hard limit to how much of an effect lifestyle changes alone can have.

I'm recommended, a few times during this thread, to try hot composting or Bokashi composting, so let my just note why I won't: I want a method of composting that, after I work out the kinks and set it up, requires next to no thought or training for me or others to use. Feeding a bin full of bugs fits that description, learning about C:N ratios or DIY pre-fermentation of bokashi doesn't. I've done hot composting, but it's tricky to get right if you want to compost meat/dairy without smells/rats.

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Early update on the "#Composting chicken leftovers with #Mealworms" project: Mealworms evidently love chicken, and less than 24 hours after starting the experiment part of the bone is already picked clean. They probably won't finish the entirety within 48 hours, but by nibbling from the outside in they'll prevent putrefaction anyway. I also added some tissue I wiped the pan with, and they're nibbling at that, too. Let nothing go to waste! :)
So far, so good.

My wife is cooking chicken tomorrow: the problematic meat we can't feed to our own hens. I may swing by a pet supply store and buy a bunch of #mealworms and try #composting a few scraps of cooked meat that way. Perhaps also soaking oil/fat waste in oatmeal and seeing how another group fare on that? Oil waste is hard to compost but a shame to lose, huge energy and biomass there. Will share my experiences after a few days/weeks.. ;)

#Mealworms can, based on personal and very scant youtube evidence, eat meat. They can also preferentially eat vegetables, grains, fruits, and also cardboard and styrofoam (!). They're easy to keep, widely available as pet food, and great for chickens or even humans if you're adventurous.
Why isn't there more out there on trying them for #composting? They seem like ideal composters? 🤔

Things I will happily bury in a landfill in a non-degradeable bag, number 61: Honey Fungus / Honey Mushrooms

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