An article in The Atlantic re success with plant essential oils in ag and medical praxis and research as replacement/supplement to antibiotics, reminds me of recurring conversation on a local Skeptic's group on Facepalm before i quit. 1. meme: LOL look at the sad woo hippies and their mystic oils, how unscientific and fake. 2. me: actually it fucking works, here's a chemical/physical mechanism, here's research. 3. Skeptic: Fake cuz your study size is below that of Merck Pfizer research proportions, FDA is Arbiter of Truth, Hail Science! 4. Me: capitalism creates regulatory capture and underfunds public research especially when no fresh patent is involved, your appeals to market force and to authority are underwhelming bad skeptic bad, and you are inherently forbidding proles to tend to their own wellbeing. 5. Skeptic: you're a paid essential oil shill. 6. Me: I in fact used to work at a natural market, I like not being evil you Petro-fascist.

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