This spring used to be deep in the woods and you would only stumble upon in occasionally if you were lucky. The stream was 6” deep and ran underground. Now it’s all out in the open and mostly dried up

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@pfx despite the looks of it, this dam still holds pretty well. The smell confirms.

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@pfx there must be some persistent fuckers trying to feed that horse. (Not sure if you can read the sign but it says please don’t feed the horse)
Also a couple nice spots in which to fill ones face

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Well it’s been a while since I posted in this tag but today’s is an incredibly messy first attempt at painting a patch. Design shamelessly stolen from a tshirt I saw once.
Probably will put it on my jacket anyway, for now at least.

Finished off a desk today and had a first attempt at making seitan. For the last five weeks my work desk was the sink unit you can see underneath (taller ofc). Now I can have a laptop _and_ a mouse

Tagging cos idk what day it is anyway.
Pls excuse the wiring & colour scheme..

Also update on other plant things:
The last remaining mint plant has sprouted another thingy, and the parsley looks like it wants transferring to something bigger

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Also I’m bad at flowers, but are these daffodils and is this normal for this time of year?

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This winter has been so mild that the tree is blossoming already. Hopefully we don’t get another late cold blast this year to kill everything off again..

jacket posting 

Finally getting some patches on my jacket this
Who’d’ve known the hardest bit would be deciding the layout

My pannier zip broke a while ago so I sewed on a strap from an old rucksack


Won’t someone think of the blairites?!


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