Some new leaves on our blackberry starts for my update today :_earth: :_earth: :_gaysparkle: So far so good on the not-getting-crunched-by-dogs front.

@aylen oh gosh the idea of planting blackberry instead of trying to fight them off! hot summer vines are the best smell though.

@ae oh yes, this is a very intentional Anti-Nosy-Neighbor Thorny Hedge :gaysper: I used to have a bunch in my old yard and was able to harvest a lot of berries to eat in springtime. Hopefully the grackles don't get to these first

@aylen i believe in you! and you should physically barricade the monsters in place along the fenceline if you can, down deep into the ground if possible. they will take over! excited to have started following you, my garden is not what it should be so your updates that I've seen so far are a ray of sunshine. thank you!

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