so far in I've made a bunch of stuffed butternut squash for the squad and saved the seeds for the garden, I got handmade soaps and haircare stuff from indigenous women herbalists instead of buying from a corporation, and shared my hoard of medicinal teas and tinctures with new friends who needed them... haven't done much of my plans so far but hoping to get some more collective actions done this weekend.

@aylen how did you find people to share with? Where do I look if I would exchange seeds or the like?


@charlag hey! well I have a couple friends who garden with me so we share seeds, I also mail them to my friends in other places (when I'm sure they will grow there/won't be invasive) and give them to friends who live in my area. We save seeds from plants we grew, organic produce, cool plants I find, and I also buy little seed packets for very cheap and share them around my group. If you look at your library you may have a seed library in there like mine does!

Otherwise I'd say just try and find what places like community gardens or botanical gardens, or online forums/social medias your local gardeners and native plant conservationists are congregating on, and they may well already have seed shares and such going on.

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