If you're around & about on the 18th this month @ 19:30 CEST, we're having an 'ol ramble with some fine people at this panel + Q&A session 💗

(Re)Taking Control of Virtual Spaces: eventbrite.co.uk/e/towards-a-r

Its the first event in a series of events from the wonderful londonlearningcoop.com

The Learning Cooperative presents the first in a new series of events exploring themes of democracy and its increasing absence in online, and offline, spaces.

While the creation of the virtual world started as an emancipatory utopian project, ‘cyberspace’ soon started to fall-under, replicate, and accelerate the same oppressive norms and structures that dominate physical spaces.

Join us for a panel and Q+A discussion exploring the problems of data centralisation, how data infrastructure has been (mis)used, and what we can do to destabilise anti-democratic platforms and practises.

reminder about this event TODAY at 1730 UTC (in about 30 minutes) by the londonlearningcoop.com, featuring 3 Autonomic members warbling about "themes of democracy and its increasing absence in online, and offline, spaces"


@autonomic Very disappointing to see a Zoom link for a talk covering democracy in online spaces, especially when just-as-easy drop-in replacements such as Jitsi and BigBlueButton exist.

@zabbeer as members of meet.coop we will be dropping some hints 😃 I think the event hosts are very keen on using alternatives! the dissapointment to organising energy converter is running overtime on these zoom-based digital democracy events 🏃‍♀️ letsss goooooooo

@zabbeer @autonomic for sure, as the organiser of this event (and the head of the project), I was pretty darned desperate to use something like Jitsi, but it didn't quite suit for this. Jitsi (my pref) doesn't (as far as I know) have a panel setting, and it tends to fail with anything over 15 folk (is there a 20 person limit?). BBB doesn't have mobile support. Hopefully these features will be available on both soon!

@Neuromantic @autonomic Thank you for the clarification. Glad to know that there's effort being made in this direction.

The sooner we stop relying on these proprietary platforms, the sooner we take back the internet.

I would also recommend having a look at @mobilizon for organizing your events.

Here's to a more democratic and open internet.

Mobilizon is amazing! @Neuromantic let's chat about setting it up 😃

@zabbeer, Autonomic is a member of meet.coop, The Online Meeting Co-operative, which provides BBB, and we use Jitsi for all our internal meetings, and most of our client calls.

It's hard choosing the right platform, and sometimes the options force a really terrible choice between software freedom, and accessibility (whether in terms of disability access features, which Zoom is amazing at, or platform fatigue).

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