The comrades at @ruangrupa_ruru are live shortly, tune in to a nice programme and also help load test their self-managed infrastructure 👌

We're running this infrastructure on @coopcloud configurations which are available for all to reuse which aligns with the lumbung model.

Autonomic is proud to be supporting this much needed intervention into reclaiming digital infrastructure.


@ruangrupa_ruru @coopcloud

This online conversation focuses on the lumbung value of Sufficiency. Human ambition has led to discoveries in all fields, and has even brought mankind to other planets. The value of sufficiency, on the other hand, seems incredibly outdated today, as thrift and frugality are considered conditions of deprivation. The Pillars of Hercules have been passed long ago, despite the warning “Ne plus ultra” (“nothing further beyond”), which urged sailors and navigators to go no further.

The sixth edition of lumbung calling explores the limits of sufficiency: When do we say enough is enough? How can these limits be pushed? Who or what defines them?

With the guests Paula Fleisner and Christopher Cozier, hosted by Jumana Emil Abboud and Mirwan Andan.

lumbung calling: Sufficiency Saturday, September 4, 2021 at 8.30 am (AST), 9.30 am (ART), 2.30 pm (CET), 7.30pm (WIB)

In English with translation into International Sign



@ruangrupa_ruru @coopcloud

To learn more about this initiative, read on at 🚀

"We want to create a globally oriented, cooperative, interdisciplinary art and culture platform that will remain effective beyond the 100 days of documenta fifteen. Our curatorial approach aims at a different kind of collaborative model of resource use—economically, but also in terms of ideas, knowledge, programs, and innovation."



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