@stolas@elekk.xyz sorta makes me want to find out how to survive more than 10 minutes in Caves of Qud

@adambredenberg @stolas

ok no I can do better. I've got like 400 hrs in this game so let me run things down a little.

1) turn off permadeath until you get used to it. It's ok, no one cares.

2) start out as a true kin with a toughness of 18 - 20. Get your str and agi around the same and try a praetorian. Tanky and tough.

3) if you start in joppa, loot all the chests in the houses. Just close the door so no one sees you when you do!

4) if red rock is a pain, do the rust wells first.

@adambredenberg @stolas

good, practical advice for any character build:

try to get a way to generate light without torches ASAP. replace torches with a glowsphere. Replace a glowsphere with a floating glowsphere. Or if you're a true kin, get (or start with) nightvision.

If you're a mutant, consider nightvision or light manipulation.

Cooking is an extremely powerful skill!

longblade prof with defensive stance can save your life.

Don't be afraid to run away


@Mainebot @stolas@elekk.xyz Yeah, this is good advice. I got to level 5 or 7 and maxed out the Long Blade and Cooking skills, so the rest of the game feels a lot more approachable. I didn't even know you could turn off permadeath!

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