still cant get over living in a world where "free speech" has become a dog whistle

@pbandkate Makes sense, when you think about it. Nazis want/need to end free speech. Their strategy seems to be convincing the left that "free speech is for Nazis."

@adambredenberg I think their strategy is closer to “exploit liberal notions of free speech to perpetuate hate and spread their ideas into mainstream discourse” and I think the left has always been aware that total freedom for the wolf means death for the lamb and is now just trying to convince liberals of this

@pbandkate @adambredenberg Absolutely. This has been figured out since at least the end of World War II and yet plenty of people (e.g. liberals, centrists) still don't get it or see how they're being played.

I mean, this is what the Nazis took advantage of to get into power in Germany in the first place. "Free speech means everyone has to give us platforms and listen to our propaganda."

@Lexi @pbandkate Yes. This relates to the issue of "Nazis using free speech to organize in public" and "us-vs-them mentality"... When a unified faction is determined to cynically abuse a right for strategic gain, they can make that right look undesirable. (Compare to the behavior of congressional republicans right now.)

@adambredenberg @Lexi i'd argue that it's not that they're abusing a right (they're just using it), it's that valuing unfettered free speech over the protection of vulnerable classes (as is currently done the US) is actually not desirable


simulated Nazi arguments 

simulated Nazi arguments 

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