Birdsite, Fox News bullshit 

My god, look at this astounding ratio. Fuck Fox

Uh oh folks guess who's ready to rock their testicles off into the sun

Politics + Bootlicking 

Browsing Reddit, and I saw this. All I could say was "m-m-m-money shot" because goddamn I love seeing how right-libertarians prove themselves to primo bootlickers at the drop of a hat

Drug mentions 

Do you believe in the metaphysical theory of synchronicity @hasya23

Fiction Book Racism 

So, I was reading a list-article on why most persecution flip stories suck ass, and they posted this incredible gem of a synopsis

I like how this dude seems to have discovered dark/low fantasy is a revolutionary idea since playing one game in the genre lmao

Antifacism stuff 

Somebody posted this as an insult to antifascists on Twitter, and accidentally made fantastic pro-sexworker agitprop lolol

I like how one of the first few classic art pieces of Frankenstein's Monster was of him as a giant, hulking beefcake. Humans have always been horny for monsters

Sunbeam City 🌻

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