I'm wondering what will come first: me reading the last dark tower book or the heat death of the universe obliterating my bones

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this is unprompted but its a thing i see come up sometimes and was thinking about so

hey um, reminder that artists, musicians, game devs, etc etc are allowed to advertise themselves

there’s a big difference between a multimillion-dollar corporation, and a person trying to survive capitalism

please dont treat both as if they’re the same thing

Police helicopters buzz above. Federal agents scream below.

"I will never log off, BUT YOU WILL!" I shout, sawing off a thick branch that falls on an FBI agent, which instantly killing him

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how can moss be so verdant and lush? how is it so delightful? it forms a bed on rocks and forest floors for tiny woodland animals to rest on. why is moss so great

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couldn't be bigger if i tried, I'm max big, im all out of proportion and my joints are wacked out

I'm a fan of the lanky Marfan hand. May they run their long, eerie fingers across my face

Me: Ya know, things are bad but I don't feel like it's American wannabe fascists could bully people into racially-charged genetic tests bad.

Warren: Hold my I'm With Her mug

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I distrust any animal with comparable social intelligence for humans which is why I went to the Sumatra forests in a jeep just running over orangutans

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I was looking up "Ra Ra Rasputin vaporwave" on YouTube for the meme, but I found one that is legit fire, especially the beginning youtu.be/a1TW0KCk5c4

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The forest is made of blood. The desert is made of blood. We are all made of blood and we all rejoice and scream in sorrow.

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tomato frogs are not from the genus breviceps, but they are also very fat and cute and i love them

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evolutionary psychology owns because it's just making shit up to reason backwards about why literally everything in our culture was created by eVoLuTiOn, anthropology what's that

"What if you filled your anime with beautiful metaphors about the messiness of sex, the struggle of intimacy, and coming of age in a disasterous world?"
"Nah my dude, I'll just make the robot pilots look like somebody is getting their backwalls blown out lmao"

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A kobold except it shoots eye lasers

I feel like I sometimes complain/make fun of Reddit too much on here, but I absolutely adore the endless absurdity that place produces on just a daily basis

Caught up with the latest BNHA. I'm glad the manga has decided to move into the uncharted territory of goth fights

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