Honeysuckle by the garage is finally flowering. I never quite got the hang of getting the nectar out of it. I’ll leave that for the pollinators I guess.

trees while beautiful are unsettlingly large, also commentary on the phrase “God Fearing” 

Trees are amazing beautiful things but does it ever freak you out how tall they are?

I never understood the phrase “God Fearing.” How could you love something and fear it at the same time? But if god is anything like a tree I totally get it now.

Walked with my brother down to the clothes donation bin saw these on the way. They just would not be contained in this persons yard.

I think I found some thistles growing by the curb. Didn’t know they grew here

I love how plants have found a way to make a home in this concrete river bed.

Saw these on another walk around the park across the street from my job. It’s actually across the street from that park. I think it’s the same as the one if took on our Main Street a few nights ago.

Took another walk this afternoon just a quick one. Found these lovelies growing out of the concrete sidewalk next to a used car dealership.

They look like daisies but the petals are super thin. Whatever they are these flowers are badass

Went for a walk on my own today out to the park as I was walking the circle around the lake I noticed these. As I was taking the picture a tiny little bee came up to say hi.

Took a walk with the little bro and his friend found this when I went home on my own. Growing out of the little man made riverbed that runs through town

I love these flowers because A) they grow everywhere around hear especially where folks don’t want them. And B) because when I was a kid we used to pick them wrap the stems around itself and shoot the heads off them. I always thought they looked pretty flying through the air

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God I love this deck in the rain 🌧 it’s really coming down and it is just so relaxing. When I have a place of my own I want to have a few spots just like this

Tabletop Stories: Mild Body Horror, Cults, Runaways, Missing Children, Monster 

Both caves let out on opposite sides of the same Cavern. High up in the Cavern was a large hole that let in light and a small waterfall that had churned the rock on the Cavern floor into soil. and out of that soil a Huge Tree and grown. In that Tree was nestled a Treehouse.

At the back of the Cavern was another cave this one covered in shadow. A thick mist rolled into the cave as the Cavern grew Ice Cold.

Out of the cave came a shadowy figure which shifted and grew. It's face elongating it's torso expanding into a shell. It's tail flicked back and forth and soon they were face to face with El CuCuy!!

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Tabletop Stories: Cults, Runaways, Missing Children, Monster 

The last party member to be introduced Chamda managed to strike up a conversation with the mother of the most recently taken child, Aiden. It took some work to gain her trust but she managed it. Aiden's mother took Chamda and Shane to her house to investigate the scene of the crime.

It was to no ones surprise a bit of a wreck. AIden's room was even more between the fact that it was the bedroom of a 12 year old, the site of possible kidnapping, and the first place that distraught desperate parents looked for their only child.

On the windowsill were a set of light scratch marks. Not deep enough to remove the paint like a cat scratch but spaced wide like large hands.

All around the room were drawing so Aiden playing with Felipe and Raidah. But there was one picture that stood out. An empty bedroom just like his and in the window was a monster with big sharp claws and bright red eyes

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I don’t know the names of flowers but I’m sure these bell shaped ones have a pretty intuitive names. Also check out the puffed up dandelions in the back standing around like “Act Natural”

Monster: Rat 🐀 , Crocodile 🐊 , Turtle 🐢 , Dragon 🐉 

Check out El Cucuy the monster that my players are facing in the current arc of the Alpha Test Campaign That my Datemate drew.

El Cucuy is a monster from Spanish and Latin American Folklore that steals disobedient children. It has no set form and at least one source says it may take the form of your worst fear. I’m so proud of my Datemate’s art it has been so long since they drew anything and this is an amazing monster.

Within the story of the arc El Cucuy has been accused of stealing children and has been involved in their disappearance but what the party doesn't know is that El Cucuy is actually helping these "disobedient" children escape the cult that has emerged in the town they live in.

In this arc I wanted to explore the nature of disobedience. These kids are disobedient but their disobedience is centered around a hierarchical structure that controls their lives against their will.

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