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Long Post About Tabletop Stories on this Account 

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My avatar was made by my friend Shelby you can find them at

They make cool art.

I was planning on leaving sunbeam soon but it looks like it will close soon anyway so before I leave you can follow me at my old tabletop profile

@Louise There was a programmer error in the source code of this plant that omitted the word "pepper," resulting in this bizarre glitch

@socalledunitedstates I read ",going" as "growing" and thought, "yeah that is a miracle"

Our banana pepper plant is going fucking bananas. None of our other plants have produced any ripe fruits so far this season, but the banana pepper is almost done with its third and halfway through a fourth

Plus, it seems insistent on growing them all pointing up. Unorthodox, but I like it

things won't get better if we keep catering to whiteness/white supremacy and ideas/thoughts that fall into those categories

we have to challenge ourselves and how we've interpreted things and how we respond to things because our lens is different and Very Susceptible as white people in a white supremacist culture

there's been quite a lot of racism actively on display on the fedi (probably for even longer than most of us have seen/known)

address it. combat it. in yourself, and in your spaces.

something ive learned over the last few years and by listening to more black people is that most of the shittiness they experience isn't from loudly shitty racist caricatures shouting slurs at them, it's from white people who refuse to give them support, who enable racism, and who refuse to listen

We got “No access. No peace.” stickers to give away.

If you like some you can send me a private message.

[Box with 3000 stickers saying “No access. No peace.” With a wheelchair logo where the wheel is an anarchy A.]

Honeysuckle by the garage is finally flowering. I never quite got the hang of getting the nectar out of it. I’ll leave that for the pollinators I guess.

Economics, degrowth 

trees while beautiful are unsettlingly large, also commentary on the phrase “God Fearing” 

Talent is a myth.

Don't let anyone tell you that you're not "gifted" enough to do art. All it takes is patience, focus and discipline, and those can be trained.

Look for the right teachers and learning material, surround yourself with artists better than yourself, and generally work a shit ton - you can make it.

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #art #ArtTips #inspiration #drawing

trees while beautiful are unsettlingly large, also commentary on the phrase “God Fearing” 

BREAKING: HUNG JURY in the #ScottWarren case. After 15+ hours of deliberation, a hung jury was officially declared, demonstrating that there are Arizonans standing their ground for justice and kindness in a historic moment.

I sometimes wonder if anti-civ people would break if they just watched an ant colony for a few hours

Reminder that ants form mutualistic relationships of co-evolution with pretty much everything they come across, that includes humans too.

The use of weaver ants in citrus cultivation in southern China is one of the oldest known applications of pest control.
In South Africa, ants are used to help harvest the seeds of rooibos, a plant used to make a herbal tea. The plant disperses its seeds widely, making manual collection difficult. Black ants collect and store these and other seeds in their nest, where humans can gather them en masse.

The presence of ants also aerates the soil, which allows for easier root grow.

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Neoliberals: We don't need to worry about climate change, new future technologies will eventually come along and solve everything
Scientists: Hey we invented a way to generate practically limitless clean energy like 60 years ago and it's just been kind of sitting around ever since. Do you think you'd want to use that maybe.
Neoliberals: nah we're good

@starwall Something something "The curious result was that frontier nostalgia became an important vehicle for expressing a peculiarly bourgeois form of antimodernism. The very men who most benefited from urban-industrial capitalism were among those who believed they must escape its debilitating effects. If the frontier was passing, then men who had the means to do so should preserve for themselves some remnant of its wild landscape so that they might enjoy the regeneration and renewal that came from sleeping under the stars, participating in blood sports, and living off the land. The frontier might be gone, but the frontier experience could still be had if only wilderness were preserved." something something

If people saw Cairo in all the pictures of the pyramids of giza they'd lose the mystique that bourgeois tourists are seeking from them.

Whenever we're shown pictures of the pyramids of Giza they tend to leave out the parts where there's a sea of humanity right next to them.

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