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My avatar was made by my friend Shelby you can find them at

They make cool art.

We are all of us more delicate than we are gentle, and that's the source of all problems


Me, that trans woman: "okay here is how you can contribute to me financially"

Fediverse: "no not like that"

Me: I’m thinking about growing a Vertical Garden.

My brother: Coincidentally I am thinking about building a Guinea Pig ladder

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What would Carnival Games be like in a Solarpunk World?

Like obviously it those games exist in our current world to scam money out of children with the promise of cheap prices, but at the same time they are a lot of fun and I can't exactly imagine a Festival without some form of games of chance.

Would they be the same but give a prize to all participants? Or would the types of games themselves change offering no price but being more fun to play?

Thinking of one of my favorite elements of the Green City in my Solarpunk RPG, The Boiling Falls.

The City is flooded up to the third story due to global warming so in order to solve two problems at once the Green City uses Solar power to heat water in narrow tubes to create steam to drive the generators, while also desalinating clean drinking water.

My little brother pointed out that this water would then need to be cooled to drink which would take more energy than it produced so I had to find some creative solutions. During the warmer months of the year the hot water is collected in Giant Buckets on top of three skyscrapers and dumped into what used to be Times Square into a collection device at the bottom. During the colder months it's used to supplement the heating system that I never really established because it wasn't nearly as interesting as the Boiling Falls

If you haven't already seen it enjoy this footage of police in Bulgaria trying to use pepper spray and the wind blowing it back in their faces

The first thing automation make obsolete is capitalism, not workers.

Build cities like you're building a space habitat. Small housing spaces, but plenty of public amenities. Streets are more paths with gardens and trees to create a buffer for streetcars. Cars are only used on large freeways or small rural roads that couldn't support a train connection.

sorry i haven't been v active today i've been playing minecraft for like 9 hours

Talked with my dad about El Cu Cuy turns out the reason I never got those stories is not only because he didn’t want to threaten me with a child eating monster but because his mom, my Aba, didn’t want to do that to him either.

It’s officially #baturday ! Let’s kick it off with this adorable plushie

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I have this odd feeling like "I'm glad my dad didn't threaten me with a monster under my bed that would eat me if I misbehaved." but also "El CuCuy is a cool monster from my culture but not being raised with those scary stories of it makes me feel like it's not actually my culture."

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