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tbh anti-fascism was my last push into radicalism. I'd been drifting left for years but when people started pearl-clutching about punching Nazis, that launched me into getting serious about communism just because the communists were the only people who seemed to me to have a good answer to fascism.

& I really, REALLY hate fascists, lmao. I hate fascists *intimately*. I cannot give an adequate answer to why I spent so many years arguing with fascists online but it definitely made my hate strong!

Everyone will know this one.

Common Daisy - Eòinean - Bellis Perennis

Depending on your viewpoint these will either be the flower of happy childhood memories or an invasive weed ruining your carefullly cultivated green lawn. I'm 100% in the former camp.

It has been postulated that the word "daisy" comes from "day's eye" because the flower (in common with many others) closes overnight, before opening again in the morning.

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The most popular trading card game is entirely open source. It's "owned" by a loose coalition of judges and tournament organisers, who publish the main tournament rules and valid cards for those tournaments.

The cards themselves are published by small print shops, who get their own information on how to avoid their card banned in tournaments. To use MTG as an example, maybe one mana shouldn't buy more than 2/2 or something equivalent.

This wpuld allow a far more dynamic game, and while maybe it would be hard to balance it would allow far more local game scenes without insane costs. Maybe special cards could be released in bubble gum packs like they were back in the day IDW.

thinking about transness as radical freedom. the idea that you dont inherently have to act a certain way based on categories that were assigned to you is scary to many but the truth is that it is incredibly liberating. i wish trans people didnt have to suffer so much for bringing this gift into the world

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The weird geography resulting from Eurovision's extremely political decisions. In sports, UEFA is similarly extremely politically partisan, with similar warped result.

It's amazing how quickly any space you set up for people to share resources with their neighbors will run out of room. Like you really just need to set a bit of real estate aside and make sure people know about it and there will be an immediate abundance

With evidence like this it's tempting to think the capitalist notion of natural human greed isn't true!

Free Isbel and Jimmy! Two anarchist and LGBT activists in Havana, Cuba have been detained by state authorities after advocating for an independently organized and non-state sanctioned LGBT march. 

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Solidarity with all the striking Oregon Teachers. Yall give us all hope and inspiration! #RedforEd #1u

sending love too to all the people who have a painful, complicated, or abusive relationship with their mother or grandmother and are getting bombarded by commercial messaging and pressure from family and society to celebrate and/or express positivity towards their abuser(s)

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