Long Post About Tabletop Stories on this Account 

My Tabletop Stories will always be listed under a content warning starting with Tabletop Stories followed by any Content Warnings that are needed for that arc.

They are Long. This instance as a 1000 Character limit and I almost always hit that so besides the Content Warnings they are also CWed so that they don't take up a lot of space on your feed.

I am currently running my Tabletop campaign with my datemate. We have four players three of whom are out to me as queer. I will avoid and identifying information beyond that.

The Tabletop game runs in my home brew system Under the Open Sky. It's a solar punk game exploring themes of Anti Capitalism, Anti Authoritarianism and what it means to live in a society based on fulfilling the needs of everyone.

There are serious things in it but in general good wins out and kids don't die. I'm not the kind of Facilitator that treats the PC's like Punching Bags. I try to keep it light and hopeful.

Long Post About Tabletop Stories on this Account 

Also I'm gonna stop spamming your feed with them real soon I am almost caught up to where we are in the story and then I'll just post when things happen

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