Trans issues and trans men, sexism 

Trans men aren't inherently bad for identifying as men.

Being a trans man doesn't mean that you're automatically perpetuating the patriarchy.

In fact, many trans men have a deeper understanding of the harm the patriarchy causes than cis men because many had to experience it themselves at some point of their lives.

Issues often seen as "women's issues" often do affect trans men. Trans men get opressed by laws against reproductive rights and the lack of medical research on this type of body.

I've seen some hostility towards trans men and I don't think it is ok. Trans men have the right to speak up about issues that affect them without being silenced with "but you're a man, you can't speak about sexism".

Being harmed by the patriarchy isn't only for women, and if you experienced sexism that doesn't make you a woman.

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Trans issues and trans men, sexism 

Trans men go through so much shit and I think we need more solidarity, not hostility.

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sexism, patriarchy, definite tangent, can't quite believe i'm sticking up for cis men here lmao 

@Some_Person "Being harmed by the patriarchy isn't only for women"

Not to derail, 'cause trans guys do get so much unnecessary shit but like. Even cis men get harmed by the patriarchy. In a very different way, and they still generally experience more benefits from it than those who aren't cis men, but just because it benefits them in some ways doesn't mean it doesn't massively harm them in others.

sexism, patriarchy, definite tangent, can't quite believe i'm sticking up for cis men here lmao 

@certifiedperson I think cis men do have problems caused by patriarchy, but I think it's a very different type to other types of people. I think it sucks that if you're a gentle, feminine man who wants to wear cute clothes like dresses you'll likely to be harassed. If you meet the "manly man" definition you're more likely to actually benifit from it.

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@Some_Person Yeah absolutely! Although, how harmful is it to men to meet the 'manly man' expectation in the first place? In terms of self awareness and emotional understanding and communication and working with one's actual needs, etc

So yeah, as we've both mentioned, it's definitely a different harm and they still overall benefit (otherwise it wouldn't be the patriarchy!) but yeah. Lately I've just been kind of noticing how much it doesn't get acknowledged, is all.

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@certifiedperson yeah, I've seen it talked about as "toxic masculinity" but often that term is misunderstood. Also, what annoys me is seeing men realise that there are gendered problems and blame women for it, or say that women have it better than them. I feel like we can support men trying to improve themselves and move away from the patriarchal ideas without putting anyone else down.

sexism, patriarchy, tangent 

It does suck when men start pinning all the blame onto women, 'cause that gives them excuse to not improve themselves. And because many women will play a part in perpetuating shit, men can see that and use that as further justification to blame women.

It's a very complex situation, everyone has their own role to play in doing what they can to improve shit, and one of the things that can be done by *everyone* is supporting others to improve themselves.

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