What are some biggest gardening challenges you have faced in the past?

For me personally I'd say it's pests and diseases. I have had plants grow so well until a bunch of bugs or a virus or fungi completely destroys it.

@Some_Person trying to successfully grow Brassicas was a big challenge, as the white cabbage moth is a clever bugger at destroying them literally over night.

@GwenfarsGarden yes I have had this problem too, had to give the only cauliflower I was able to grow to the chickens because it had so many caterpillars on it..

@Some_Person ugh, to me they are the worst pests. At least you can drown slugs in beer!

@Some_Person havent done much but bugs and bunnies for me
In uni i had a basil plant i loved but it got taken over by bugs and i couldnt kill them cause they had like a tiny lil city n everything so i just gave them the plant and had to go back to store-bought basil :'(

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