Tbh, the message I get when I see the women in action movies isn't "women have to give up their femininity to be strong."

When I see those conventionally attractive, hairless female characters in revealing outfits who are usually sexually available to the male protagonist, I get a completely different message.

The message I get is "women aren't allowed to have masculine hobbies and be strong unless they are still feminine in other ways and are still sexually available to straight white men."

Sexism, sexual assault 

Hot girls who like video games and metal tend to be acceptable to white men (and even then, not always), but as soon as they are their own person they're not as popular. Cis straight white men feel an entitlement to women's bodies and sometimes fetishise some forms of masculinity.

Masculine women are still expected to be conventionally attractive, have no body hair, and be sexually available to straight white men.

If they're the wrong type of masculine, they get called an angry hairy feminist, a bitch, ugly, etc. just because they're not appealing to men anymore.

If they're not sexually available to men, like if they're a lesbian or asexual, they get told that they "just need a good dicking". I personally know multiple people who have told me about cis white straight guys saying this to them. It's not a hypothetical situation.

Butch women are put under so much scrutiny and get so much shit if they break too many rules.

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Sexism, butch positivity 

Butch women are wonderful and deserve support and encouragement.

All types of butch women - hairy, fat, trans, and any other type not generally accepted by society.

Fuck what anyone else says. Butch women are great and deserve to live their life the way that feels best for them.

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@Some_Person yea!!! It reminds me about how someone complained that in the movie dumbo, the girl wanting to be a scientist is going to teach girls that being feminine is bad... like no.. it’s teaching girls they have no obligation whatsoever to being feminine if they so choose


@FirstProgenitor it's strange that no one complains when it's the guys that are scientists or don't wear makeup etc. you'd think that would also be teaching boys that being feminine is bad if that's the case...

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