gender, gender neutral pronouns 

If it's not too difficult in your language, consider using gender neutral pronouns (such as they/them) by default for people you don't know or who haven't told you their pronouns, even if they look like a stereotypical "girl" or "guy"!

I was watching a video where a person was going through creations their fans sent them, and they used gender neutral terms and pronouns for all of the people who's creations they showcased. With every video of this type they release, they get many comments thanking them for use of gender neutral pronouns! There have been people who looked like "girls" but weren't and so on who were very thankful, as well as trans people not included in the video that felt more confident and accepted as a result of someone being more inclusive and respectful. You can't tell someone's gender by the way they look, and you can't assume that everyone you meet who's not androgynous is cis :)

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gender, gender neutral pronouns 

@Some_Person I had literally this exact thought earlier today.

I was semi-femme-ish earlier today at the shop and a lady in line referred to me as "he" when communicating to the shopkeep that I was ahead in line. Like, I get it, I didn't really pass as much as I normally do, but how hard would it have been to just default to gender neutral? It won't ever offend anyone and possibly even really improve someone's day.

gender, gender neutral pronouns 

@andi yeah, I feel that! I don't really think about gender when choosing my clothes so sometimes I look like a "normal cis person" so people don't even think to use gender neutral terms for me. The only time I get gender neutral terms used for me is when I'm more "confusing" for people, they're worried about being wrong as if looking like a "obvious man/woman" says anything about my gender... I just want to wear clothes that I like sometimes! How I look doesn't say anything about my gender! I think the idea that you can guess someone's gender by how they look needs to go.

It needs to be the default imo, not just for people who you "can't tell" with. My girlfriend was always a girl but people only started referring to her with anything but "he" when she started wearing skirts. She was still as much of a girl then!

gender, gender neutral pronouns 

How to do that in French, or languages who don't have gender neutral pronouns?

gender, gender neutral pronouns 

@tykayn yeah, that's difficult unfortunately :'( in my language you add an "a" to make it feminine, and I guess you can make the "a" quiet to make it vague or replace it with "o" or something? I don't speak French so I'm not sure if there's something similar there. It's so hard with some languages unfortunately! Hopefully people speaking those languages decide on something to make it easy!

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