'Rooted in the cultivation of Indigenous food sovereignty and elevating and preserving Indigenous Narratives, I-Collective is developing a Cookbook and Community Journal with supplemental Webinar Series to assist in strengthening the connection of our people to their food. Indigenous food sovereignty is critical because many health issues are tied to colonialism and the exploitation of resources, land, and people.'

*Costs $7 bucks.

@RadioAngel Whoa. Totally random connection - that page says one of the foods they're collecting submissions for is the chiltepin. I was on a work trip in Mexico in 2008 when I encountered them and when I got home I tried to find any information about them at all online only to come up with nothing.

Spicy little critters!

@varve That's pretty cool! I love seeing random connections like that.
P.S. Best starting point when looking for rare food info is Ark of Taste.

@RadioAngel cool, I'll look that up. Even the Mexican specialty and imported food place near me had no idea what I was talking about when I asked them. It's a regional food, maybe; I was in Sonora state. I also discovered machaca while I was there. Another thing that just plain doesn't exist in Canada.

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