Voting with your money is a self perpetuating closed loop system that reinforces...



@RadioAngel Except that voting with your money includes not buying at all.

By the way, when facing two things that satisfy one of your needs, do you refuse to buy any of those thing you need because paying for them would contribute to capitalism? Do you steal them instead? Do you make everything yourself?

@x_cli This is inside thinking (as in within the system of capitalism) these are the choices you have been given. It dosen't mean that other systems don't exist, haven't existed, or can't be created.

@RadioAngel Ok. In the context explicited in my previous toot, could you please cite one realistic alternative? I have difficulties picturing one.


@x_cli If you're talking about me specifically. Then, I use money because that's the system I'm stuck in though rarely at the moment. I average about $10 a month. I buy used when I can. I grow what I can. I make what I can. I trade. I barter. I gift. I do mutual aid when I can.

Some of those things are alternative systems. But there are more than that which exist. Look into them sometime. You'll find if you look hard enough cities that have been created on such principles.

Also, an interesting read: 'The Dispossessed' by Ursula K. Le Guin pictures an entire planet that runs without capitalism.

If you want actionable steps you can do:
- Start a free library
- Start a lending library
- Do mutual aid
- Give things to those who need them
- Volunteer
- Grow some of your own food
- Learn to make something that lessens your dependence on capitalism (mending, repair, soldering, programming, etc.)

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