Future Proof yourself:

- Learn a language or two. Get some language pins for your jacket so you can help translate when other need help, also free language practice partners. Immigrants can go months without speaking because no one speaks their language. Be the person that does.

- Learn how to mend and/or make your own clothes.

- Learn how to navigate with a map and compass.

- Have a go bag together Incase of emergency. Keep an encrypted jump drive or two with your important documents backed up to it and anything else you may need. (Maps, phone numbers, travel guides, first aid books, list of shelters, medication lists, etc.)

- Get a jump drive and install Tails.

- Learn good password security, gpg, etc.

- Know where to meet others I case of emergency. Have locations for different events (hurricane, wild fire etc.) In mind.

- Learn basic first aid.

- Learn how to grow your own food I different conditions. (Indoor, outdoor, greenhouse, keyhole, spiral etc. Know your soil.

- Learn how to pick a lock.

- Learn good car maintenance and/or repair.

- Learn how to keep warm in winter and ways to filter water if necessary.

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- don't own a car and learn to repair your bicycle

(seriously wtf Mad Max, like where did they get all that oil, how did they refine it, and did they learn nothing from the climate apocalypse? The remake with bicycles was better. #whokilledtheworld )


Bike repair is a good one. But we gotta remember in the near future, cars will still around and not everyone is healthy enough to ride a bike.

If it's a life or death situation such as a volcanic eruption I'm gonna repair or hotwire a car get to safety. I'm not going to rely on my crappy health and a slow bike to get away.


@intherain You want to diversify your knowledge in case you have to use something. The apocalypse isn't going to be ideal. People won't be able to stay in a specific location all the time. Sometimes, you may have to flee in a hurry.

@RadioAngel As someone who grew up in a place that gets hammered by hurricanes on the regular forcing us to evacuate .. rampant car culture just meant sitting still in miles and miles of traffic with everyone else trying to gtfo.

@intherain I got caught on the highway with a severe weather system overhead once. I'm just glad a tornado didn't drop on us it just sorta rolled by and hailed.

Rampant car culture is a nightmare but it's not going to go away. It's up to us to be adaptable. The future will hold more evac traffic unfortunately as severe weather increases. We need new ways of doing things but until then the in between times with suck.

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