Yet another reason to be so happy with Plume blogging software!

LYNX is a text based command line web browser - ideal for folks with older hardware and less bandwidth.

THIS is what one of my blog posts looks like in LYNX. Granted I don't use a lot of fancy markup so that helps, but it's so clean and readable. AND even using a Pi Zero W as a client, it loads in the time it takes me to blink so well done Plume & well done Sunbeam Technowizards!!!! :_stars: 🧙‍♀️

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@MoreHuman gosh, I barely remember lynx. How do I even use it these daya?

Oh it works like it always has. (I even have a plug-in installed for Gopher sites (yeah Gopher is still a thing in some corners of the internet).

LYNX installs on most platforms and is still in development: 💻

@MoreHuman funfact, as I had no idea how to test accessibility, at some point I used Lynx to see how a basic renderer would see Plume

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